From Political Warring Insecure Complexes to TRUE PEACE INITIATIVES based on UNITY of COMMUNITIES

It all started last week, when I had another flare of my recurrent joint problems, which are usually triggered from stress at the workplace that appears to be going from bad to worse. I have been trying to wean myself off steroids for the inflammation in my joints over the year, but each time I… Read More

When Corruption is Normalized, Everyone Suffers

Once again, and with great reluctance, I have been moved to comment on an issue of national importance in our Federation.  The issue of consideration here is the Virdee & Trutschler v NCA Court Judgement released last week that suggests that our Prime Minister may have been involved in certain dealings that could be interpreted as… Read More

The Self-Domestication of Humans

Published on Feb 14, 2017 Ron Flannery presentation on the self domestication of humans – Darwin Day 2017 at Red Bank Humanists. CARTA – Domestication and Human Evolution about this series The domestication of other species has played an undeniably central role in the evolution of modern humans, and in our planetary dominance and success.… Read More