World Health Organisation on Health Promotion and its Challenges

Reproduced from: WHO Director-General addresses health promotion conference Dr Margaret Chan Director-General of the World Health Organization Opening address at the 8th Global Conference on Health Promotion Helsinki, Finland 10 June 2013 Excellencies, honourable ministers, colleagues in public health, ladies and gentlemen, The World Health Organization is proud to co-host this 8th Global Conference… Read More

The Terra TRC: A Global Complementary Currency to Stabilize the World Economy

Reproduced from: The Terra is a global complementary currency designed to provide an inflation-resistant international standard of value; to stabilize the business cycle on a global level; and to realign stockholder’s interests with long-term sustainability.   From a legal viewpoint, the Terra is standardized “countertrade” (international barter), which is routinely used for over one trillion dollars… Read More

McMurtry on the Mis-Appropriation of Adam Smith by Globalists

Reproduced from:   McMurtry on the Mis-Appropriation of Adam Smith by Globalists In 1998, the Guelph philosopher John McMurtry published his Unequal Freedoms: The Global Market as an Ethical System, a clearly-written book in which he critiques the dominant ideology of the powerful in our time: global free-market advocacy. This book is strongly recommended to… Read More

It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown and Prof John McMurtry – The Cancer Stage of Capitalism – 04.27.16’s-our-money-with-ellen-brown-–-you’ve-been-strip-mined-–-042716/  (McMurtry’s interview starts at 28:00) Economies are life forces – interdependent systems built upon the facts of life and living. “Life capital” as Ellen’s noted guest Dr. John McMurtry says, is at the heart of true economic reckoning, and money is merely one derivative. McMurtry describes Capitalism as being in a cancerous stage in which… Read More

Ellen Brown on Why We Should Own the Banks

Published on Apr 10, 2016 Wednesday 17th February 2016 at 13:00 – 14:00 at Durham Street Auditorium, RSA House Banks create money – nearly all of it. Should we recapture the sovereign power to create money by reclaiming ownership of the banks? Today virtually the entire circulating money supply consists of bank credit issued as… Read More

‘Wise capitalism?’ by Tom Atlee

Reposted from: by Tom Atlee at Philosophers for Change, Wise capitalism? by Tom Atlee Wisdom involves taking into account the larger truths about what is and why it is that way — and then living into that understanding in one’s everyday actions. When I speak of ‘wise capitalism’, I’m not speaking of wise business.  I’m speaking of… Read More

‘Money and the turning of the Age’ by Charles Eisenstein

Reposted from: by Charles Eisenstein at Philosophers for Change, Money and the turning of the Age by Charles Eisenstein As the economic meltdown proceeds to its next phase, we begin to see the unreality of much that we thought real. The verities of two generations become uncertain, and despite a lingering hope that a return to normalcy… Read More

Watch ‘John Fullerton and “The Road to Regenerative Capitalism”‘ on YouTube

Published on Jul 8, 2013 In June 2013, John Fullerton, Founder and President of Capital Institute, explored “The Road to Regenerative Capitalism” with a small, interdisciplinary group convened at New York University. Transforming Finance and The Regenerative Economy By Hunter Lovins and John Fullerton for the Capital Institute Summary: The global economy, which is… Read More