The Existential Crisis of Market Fundamentalism: From Socio-Environmental Dangers to Life-Valued Opportunities

“Fundamentalist movements in all faiths share certain characteristics. They reveal a deep disappointment and disenchantment with the modern experiment, which has not fulfilled all that it promised. They also express real fear. Every single fundamentalist movement that I have studied is convinced that the secular establishment is determined to wipe religion out. This is not… Read More

The Universal Human Life Necessities: The Life Ground of Economics and Human Rights Defined by Prof. John McMurtry

Reproduced from: Global Research 17 January 2012 Before identifying the set of universal life needs and goods which frame the issues of rights and social justice for a life-coherent standpoint, there are a number of issues to be considered as one works through them. Every sphere of goods defined ahead is necessary to human well-being… Read More

Our social immune system is being overwhelmed by growing out-of-control money market cancer By John McMurtry 1996

Reproduced from: Our social immune system is being overwhelmed by growing out-of-control money market cancer By John McMurtry [John McMurtry, professor of philosophy at the University of Guelph, uses the metaphor of modern capitalism as a cancer to describe the recent uncontrolled spread of global capitalism. Its invasive growth, he argues, threatens to break down… Read More

Beyond Greed and Scarcity by Bernard Lietaer – Yes! Magazine 1997

Reproduced from: Beyond Greed and Scarcity Few people have worked in and on the money system in as many different capacities as Bernard Lietaer. He spent five years at the Central Bank in Belgium, and he was president of Belgium’s Electronic Payment System. Bernard Lietaer posted Jun 30, 1997 He has helped developing countries improve… Read More

Whole Systems Change: A Framework & First Steps for Social/Economic Transformation by Riane Eisler

Reproduced from: Whole Systems Change RIANE EISLER | MARCH 1, 2016 Download the PDF A Framework & First Steps for Social/Economic Transformation This paper by Riane Eisler, published alongside three others, is one of many proposals for a systemic alternative we have published or will be publishing here at the Next System Project. You can read… Read More

Aggression and Violence: The Neurobiology of Experience‏

Reproduced from: Aggression and Violence: The Neurobiology of Experience By Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D. Each year in the United States alone, over 5 million children are directly exposed to violence. The most common form of destructive aggression takes place in the home in the form of physical abuse or domestic violence. The impact of… Read More

Riane Eisler’s Cultural Transformation Course

Part 1: Where We Are Learn how Riane’s personal history as a Holocaust survivor, refugee in Cuba, and front line participant in the 1960’s Women’s Movement crystallized the questions that have animated her life-long scholarship and activism. Does it have to be this way? Is violence and cruelty just ‘human nature’? Or are there alternatives… Read More

Susan Blackmore – From Genes to Memes to T(r)emes

Uploaded on Jun 4, 2008 Susan Blackmore studies memes: ideas that replicate themselves from brain to brain like a virus. She makes a bold new argument: Humanity has spawned a new kind of meme, the teme, which spreads itself via technology — and invents ways to keep itself alive. Published on Nov 27,… Read More

No longer taking for granted this most precious gift of life

I would like you for a moment to forget everything you have learnt and the interpretatations of all the experiences of your encounters.  I would also like you to imagine there are no nation states, no religions, no money and no schools of thought or any other concepts that usually divide us, like race, ethnicity,… Read More

An open letter to the world

Dear Earth Citizens: I came across this video yesterday. Original video was made in December 9, 2011. Also this date of 28 May 2016 is popping up on many alternative sites.  What is so special about this date? Is the build up of military power around China and Russia and the destabilization of the Middle East… Read More