“Syntactical and Semantic Information Systems” by Reginald T. Cahill

The ongoing failure of physics to fully match all the aspects of the phenomena of time, apart from that of order, arises because physics has always used non-process models, as is the nature of formal or syntactical systems. Such systems do not require any notion of process – they are entirely structural and static. The new process physics overcomes these deficiencies by using a non-geometric process model for time, but process physics also argues for the importance of relational or semantic information in modelling reality. Semantic information refers to the notion that reality is a purely informational system where the information is internally meaningful. Hence the information is ‘content addressable’, rather than is the case in the usual syntactical information modelling where the information is represented by symbols. This symbolic or syntactical mode is only applicable to higher level phenomenological descriptions, and for that reason was discovered first. Read More

The Art and Science of Connecting the Dots of Life-Coherent Meaning and Understanding

The tour-de-force article by Fritjof Capra entitled The Science of Connection provides much food for thought and served as the catalyst to connect many narratives into an integral life-coherent unifying framework of meaning which I would life to share with you the readers. It connected for me Dan Siegel’s definition of the mind with John McMurtry’s fields… Read More

A Collection of Articles on Structural Violence and its Impact on Peaceful Coexistence and Healthy Flourishing for ALL Life

Violence, Peace and Peace Research by Johan Galtung (1969) “…violence is present when human beings are being influenced so that their actual somatic and mental realizations are below their potential realizations… …Violence is here defined as the cause of the difference between the potential and the actual, between what could have been and what is…… Read More

Watch “Why Monetary Reform Must Become Your Number One Issue” on YouTube

Published on Sep 29, 2013 Joe Bongiovanni discusses our monetary system and why fixing it is the single most important issue facing people and the planet. Joe explains how money is created as debt by private banks and how that system heavily favors principles and values that are in direct opposition to those who seek… Read More

Watch “Jeffrey Sachs | Keynote 1 | Subjective well-being over the life course” on YouTube

Published on Dec 16, 2016 Jeff Sachs delivers one of the keynote addresses on “Economics for the Common Good” at the conference “Subjective well-being over the life course: Evidence and policy implications” held at the London School of Economics and Political Science on 12-13 December 2016. The conference was organised by OECD, CEPREMAP, What Works… Read More

“The Monsters Within: Capital, Cancer, and Crisis” by Benjamin C. Wilson

Reproduced from: http://www.binzagr-institute.org/working-paper-no-114/ Binzagr Institute for Sustainable Prosperity Working Paper No. 114 October 2016 The Monsters Within: Capital, Cancer, and Crisis Benjamin C. Wilson Abstract This paper critiques Marx’s use of the vampire as a metaphor for capital, by suggesting that cancer offers political economists a more appropriate lexicon to describe capitalism’s exploitative and destructive nature.… Read More

“Trump’s Second Gilded Age: Overcoming the Rule of Billionaires and Militarists” by Henry Grioux from counterpunch.org

Reproduced from: http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/12/09/trumps-second-gilded-age-overcoming-the-rule-of-billionaires-and-militarists/ Trump’s Second Gilded Age: Overcoming the Rule of Billionaires and Militarists  by Henry Giroux http://www.counterpunch.org | 2016-12-09 During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump made it clear that he liked the uneducated and that once he assumed the presidency, he would appoint a range of incompetent people to high ranking positions that would insure… Read More

Salute to El Commandante Fidel by Patrick Martin, MD

Salute to El Commandante Fidel Patrick Martin, MD November 30, 2016 There was a time when “an iron curtain” divided the world between Socialist East and Capitalist West.  Airwaves buzzed with exhortations from Voice of America and Radio Moscow.  Proxy superpower conflicts played out in places such as Vietnam, Nicaragua, Angola and Grenada.  In the… Read More

The Immaculate Misconception by Zoltan L. Torey

Reproduced from: http://www.imprint.co.uk/pdf/Torey.pdf  The Immaculate Misconception  by Zoltan L. Torey Correspondence: Zoltan Torey, 15 Woodlands Avenue, New Lambton, NSW 2305, Australia.  ztorey@bigpond.com.au An earlier version of this article was given as an invited keynote talk at the conference Toward a Science of Consciousness 2004 at Tucson, AZ. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 13, No. 12, 2006, pp.  105–10 The… Read More