Watch “Jeffrey Sachs | Keynote 1 | Subjective well-being over the life course” on YouTube

Published on Dec 16, 2016 Jeff Sachs delivers one of the keynote addresses on “Economics for the Common Good” at the conference “Subjective well-being over the life course: Evidence and policy implications” held at the London School of Economics and Political Science on 12-13 December 2016. The conference was organised by OECD, CEPREMAP, What Works… Read More

“The Monsters Within: Capital, Cancer, and Crisis” by Benjamin C. Wilson

Reproduced from: Binzagr Institute for Sustainable Prosperity Working Paper No. 114 October 2016 The Monsters Within: Capital, Cancer, and Crisis Benjamin C. Wilson Abstract This paper critiques Marx’s use of the vampire as a metaphor for capital, by suggesting that cancer offers political economists a more appropriate lexicon to describe capitalism’s exploitative and destructive nature.… Read More

“Trump’s Second Gilded Age: Overcoming the Rule of Billionaires and Militarists” by Henry Grioux from

Reproduced from: Trump’s Second Gilded Age: Overcoming the Rule of Billionaires and Militarists  by Henry Giroux | 2016-12-09 During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump made it clear that he liked the uneducated and that once he assumed the presidency, he would appoint a range of incompetent people to high ranking positions that would insure… Read More

Salute to El Commandante Fidel by Patrick Martin, MD

Salute to El Commandante Fidel Patrick Martin, MD November 30, 2016 There was a time when “an iron curtain” divided the world between Socialist East and Capitalist West.  Airwaves buzzed with exhortations from Voice of America and Radio Moscow.  Proxy superpower conflicts played out in places such as Vietnam, Nicaragua, Angola and Grenada.  In the… Read More

The Immaculate Misconception by Zoltan L. Torey

Reproduced from:  The Immaculate Misconception  by Zoltan L. Torey Correspondence: Zoltan Torey, 15 Woodlands Avenue, New Lambton, NSW 2305, Australia. An earlier version of this article was given as an invited keynote talk at the conference Toward a Science of Consciousness 2004 at Tucson, AZ. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 13, No. 12, 2006, pp.  105–10 The… Read More

Integral Worlds Theory Deconstructed and Applied to a Deeper and Wider Understanding of the Life-Grounded Self Via Illustrations Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent signifying our preparation for the symbolic “re-birth” of the founder of our Catholic faith – Jesus Christ. My family was hounoured to be given the privilege to light the first candle to signify Jesus’ light coming into this world. And it was yesterday that the significance of my faith took… Read More

The Trans4m Movement – Integral Worlds Theory: Articulating a “Whole” (New) Perspective

Trans4m is a local-global movement driving integral transformation processes to address today’s burning issues by actualising positive impact via new integral thinking and action.

Integral Worlds is a pioneering approach for the holistic development of individuals, organisations, communities and societies. It serves to address imbalances – within an individual, organisation, community and or society, but also within specific fields, such as economics, enterprise, or human development. Over the past decades it has been gradually applied to a large number of knowledge fields: from economics to management, from development to education – with its applications, in theory and in practice, ever expanding. The Integral Worlds approach is simultaneously transcultural, encompassing the wisdom of the south, east, north and west; transdisciplinary, spanning the natural and social science and the humanities; transpersonal, straddling individual and community, organisation and society; and transformational, evolved out of original and particular local grounds towards integral global effect. Integral Worlds serves as the core knowledge base for the Trans4m movement. Read More

The way forward – Integral Healing!!! Please find attached inspirational information on integral development which holds the keys to the future of shared prosperous peaceful partnerships among people and planet. Also please find links to the books that explains the philosophies involved and which connect all the dots into an integral whole. Integral Healing by Rev. Fr. Anselm Adodo OSB… Read More

Coming Out of the Shadows into the Light

“The Tao is called Great Mother: Empty yet inexhaustible, It gives birth to infinite worlds.” Lao Tzu “That which we do not bring to consciousness appears in our lives as fate.” CARL GUSTAV JUNG “The Kingdom is spread out inside you and outside you. But you don’t see it.” Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas*… Read More