Don’t believe everything you were “programmed” to think

“Divorcing [our cognitive] map from [life’s] purpose inevitably leads to frustration. Too little of the right kind of detail [collective life capital based on partnership systems], or too much of the wrong kind [money-sequence multiplier based on domination systems], encumbers our ability to understand the world.” ― Modified from “A Crude Look at the Whole:… Read More

In Communion with a Fully Life-Coherent Universe In the two previous posts, Two major blindspots in our view of the world revealed!, and The life-coherence principle: the forsaken invisible hand, I endeavoured to show that our universe is fractally self-organised and quantum coherent from the subatomic to the galactic scales.  What is causing this new-found reawakening is an appreciation of the fact that our conventional mainstream views… Read More

The life-coherence principle: the forsaken invisible hand

According to, the invisible hand is a: “Term used by Adam Smith to describe the natural force that guides free market capitalism through competition for scarce resources. According to Adam Smith, in a free market each participant will try to maximize self-interest, and the interaction of market participants, leading to exchange of goods and services,… Read More

Two major blindspots in our view of the world revealed! What if I told you there was a fourth phase of matter, distict from solid, liquid and gas, and that there was a fourth phase of water, distict from ice, liquid and vapour, that have not been incorporated into our best mainstream scientific theories that attempt to explain the workings of our universe? What… Read More

Beginning to see the light and helping to shift the paradigm

Source: In my previous blog article entitled, What does it profit humanity to know the unit-price of everything and the life-value of nothing?, I introduced Professor John McMurtry’s groundbreaking book, The Cancer Stage of Capitalism: From Crisis to Cure, where he explains in detail why our present social, political and economic operating systems are life-disabling and not life-enabling, which… Read More

What does it profit humanity to know the unit-price of everything and the life-value of nothing?

(Cartoon originally copyrighted by the authors; G. Renee Guzlas, artist) In the previous blog article entitled, The Secret to a Healthy Nation, an attempt was made to identify the ROOT CAUSE of the causes of our physical, mental, social and environmental diseases.  After outlining in detail, 1) the prevalence of the diseases and their risk factors in our nation, 2) the pathogenic metabolic, social, mental… Read More