Beginning to see the light and helping to shift the paradigm

Source: In my previous blog article entitled, What does it profit humanity to know the unit-price of everything and the life-value of nothing?, I introduced Professor John McMurtry’s groundbreaking book, The Cancer Stage of Capitalism: From Crisis to Cure, where he explains in detail why our present social, political and economic operating systems are life-disabling and not life-enabling, which… Read More

What does it profit humanity to know the unit-price of everything and the life-value of nothing?

(Cartoon originally copyrighted by the authors; G. Renee Guzlas, artist) In the previous blog article entitled, The Secret to a Healthy Nation, an attempt was made to identify the ROOT CAUSE of the causes of our physical, mental, social and environmental diseases.  After outlining in detail, 1) the prevalence of the diseases and their risk factors in our nation, 2) the pathogenic metabolic, social, mental… Read More

The inescapable social, political and economic implications of the Lord’s Prayer

“The Lord’s Prayer is Christianity’s greatest prayer. It is also Christianity’s strangest prayer. It is prayed by all Christians, but it never mentions Christ. It is prayed in all churches, but it never mentions church. It is prayed on all Sundays, but it never mentions Sunday. It is called the “Lord’s Prayer,” but it never… Read More

From survival of the fittest competitors to THRIVAL of the fittest cooperators

In  previous blog post entitled Survival of the Unfittest?, I endeavoured to show that our social, economic, and political infrastructures were designed to enable the unfittest among us to survive. I opined: “When we put the local machinations into its global context, we begin to see the death throes of a failing financial and economic… Read More

Updated: A Better and Brighter St. Kitts and Nevis We All Know is Possible

You can download the free eBook versions below for easy reading on your computer, iPad, Tablets and smartphones. They have been updated to include the latest articles as of December 6, 2015. Please share freely. PDF (for Acrobat Reader and other PDF readers) EPUB (for iBook on iPhone and iPad, Google Play Books on android… Read More

Feature Address given at the Basseterre High School Speech Day and Prize Giving Ceremony on November 18, 2015

In 2004, I was honoured to be asked to give the Feature Address at your Speech Day and Prize Giving Ceremony on the Theme, “Building on our accomplishments as we face the future with confidence.”  Over the past 11 years, much in the world has changed, to the point that our knowledge base and skills… Read More

Sexual Investment and Diversity Foundation

Once upon a time, in a land not too far away and closer than you may think, there lived a community of people who were in dire straights.  They did not have the foresight and did not have the commodities, goods and services to attract enough income to provide for their basic needs.  One day, a lawyer from outside came across one… Read More


I begin by recognizing some very positive attributes of our economy which can be built on if we are to make a fresh start. Firstly, Kittitians and Nevisians have a proud record of investing in their economy. The 5 listed public companies whose shares are traded on the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange have in excess… Read More

The Secret to a Healthy Nation – in-depth article based on presentation given at Operation Rescue’s fundraiser on October 3, 2015

The pdf version can be dowloaded from here. The Secret to a Healthy Nation Dr Bichara Sahely, BSc, MBBS, DM (Int Med) October 16, 2015 Abstract Health is a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being and is a fundamental human right. It would have been hoped that in this age of globalising free-markets where… Read More