Capacity building

Capacity building: Capacity building is the development of knowledge, skills, commitment, structures, systems and leadership to enable effective health promotion. It involves actions to improve health at three levels: the advancement of knowledge and skills among practitioners; the expansion of support and infrastructure for health promotion in organizations, and; the development of cohesiveness and partnerships… Read More


Community: in the sense relevant here, a structure of human interaction in which people care about, and, where necessary and possible, care for, one another, and, too, care that they care about one another. Source: ‘What is Good? What is Bad? The Value of All Values across Time, Place and Theories’ by John McMurtry, Philosophy and World Problems, Volume… Read More

Community action for health

Community action for health: Community action for health refers to collective efforts by communities which are directed towards increasing community control over the determinants of health, and thereby improving health. Reference: new definition The Ottawa Charter emphasises the importance of concrete and effective community action in setting priorities for health, making decisions, planning strategies and implementing them… Read More