Infrastructure for health promotion

Infrastructure for health promotion: Those human and material resources, organizational and administrative structures, policies, regulations and incentives which facilitate an organized health promotion response to public health issues and challenges. Reference: new definition Such infrastructures may be found through a diverse range of organizational structures, including primary health care, government, private sector and nongovernmental organizations,… Read More

Intermediate health outcomes

Intermediate health outcomes: Intermediate health outcomes are changes in the determinants of health, notably changes in lifestyles, and living conditions which are attributable to a planned intervention or interventions, including health promotion, disease prevention and primary health care. Reference: new definition See also determinants of health, health outcomes and intermediate health outcomes Source: Health Promotion Glossary… Read More

Intersectoral collaboration

Intersectoral collaboration: A recognized relationship between part or parts of different sectors of society which has been formed to take action on an issue to achieve health outcomes or intermediate health outcomes in a way which is more effective, efficient or sustainable than might be achieved by the health sector acting alone. Reference: modified from… Read More

Investment for health

Investment for health: Investment for health refers to resources which are explicitly dedicated to the production of health and health gain. They may be invested by public and private agencies as well as by people as individuals and groups. Investment for health strategies are based on knowledge about the determinants of health and seek to… Read More