Life skills

Life skills: Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour, that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Reference: Life skills education in schools. WHO, Geneva, 1993 Life skills consist of personal, inter-personal, cognitive and physical skills which enable people to control and direct their lives, and to… Read More


Lifestyle (lifestyles conducive to health): Lifestyle is a way of living based on identifiable patterns of behaviour which are determined by the interplay between an individual’s personal characteristics, social interactions, and socioeconomic and environmental living conditions. Reference: modified definition These patterns of behaviour are continually interpreted and tested out in different social situations and are… Read More

Living conditions

Living conditions: Living conditions are the everyday environment of people, where they live, play and work. These living conditions are a product of social and economic circumstances and the physical environment – all of which can impact upon health – and are outside of the immediate control of the individual. Reference: modified definition The Ottawa… Read More