Partnership for health promotion

Partnership for health promotion: A partnership for health promotion is a voluntary agreement between two or more partners to work cooperatively towards a set of shared health outcomes. Reference: new definition Such partnerships may form a part of intersectoral collaboration for health, or be based on alliances for health promotion. Such partnerships may be limited… Read More

Personal skills

Personal skills: See life skills Source: Health Promotion Glossary (1998), WHO/HPR/HEP/98.1

Primary health care

Primary health care: Primary health care is essential health care made accessible at a cost a country and community can afford, with methods that are practical, scientifically sound and socially acceptable. Reference: Alma Ata Declaration, WHO, Geneva, 1978 The Alma-Ata Declaration, also emphasises that everyone should have access to primary health care, and everyone should… Read More

Public health

Public health: The science and art of promoting health, preventing disease, and prolonging life through the organized efforts of society. Reference: adapted from the “Acheson Report”, London, 1988 Public health is a social and political concept aimed at the improving health, prolonging life and improving the quality of life among whole populations through health promotion, disease… Read More