The Secret to the Ill-Health of Nations

On January 8, 2016, I was moved to make contact with Professor John McMurtry, after starting to read his book, ‘The Cancer Stage of Capitalism: From Crisis to Cure‘ (CSC-2).  What I read provided context for a better understanding of an article I wrote entitled, ‘The Secret to a Healthy Nation‘ (SHN).  CSC-2 provided the ultimate… Read More

Commentary by J. Emile Ferdinand QC on The Constitutional Role & Responsibility of the Police Service Commission & the Public Service Commission on February 22, 2016

Commentary by J. Emile Ferdinand QC on The Constitutional Role & Responsibility of the Police Service Commission & the Public Service Commission. The Police Service Commission and the Public Service Commission (“PSCs”) in St. Kitts-Nevis, as in the wider Commonwealth Caribbean, have as their Constitutional purpose the protection of the Police Service and the Civil Service,… Read More

In Communion with a Fully Life-Coherent Universe In the two previous posts, Two major blindspots in our view of the world revealed!, and The life-coherence principle: the forsaken invisible hand, I endeavoured to show that our universe is fractally self-organised and quantum coherent from the subatomic to the galactic scales.  What is causing this new-found reawakening is an appreciation of the fact that our conventional mainstream views… Read More

The life-coherence principle: the forsaken invisible hand

According to, the invisible hand is a: “Term used by Adam Smith to describe the natural force that guides free market capitalism through competition for scarce resources. According to Adam Smith, in a free market each participant will try to maximize self-interest, and the interaction of market participants, leading to exchange of goods and services,… Read More

Two major blindspots in our view of the world revealed! What if I told you there was a fourth phase of matter, distict from solid, liquid and gas, and that there was a fourth phase of water, distict from ice, liquid and vapour, that have not been incorporated into our best mainstream scientific theories that attempt to explain the workings of our universe? What… Read More


Let me begin by congratulating on their appointment the new Commissioner of Police Ian Queeley and his High Command. They inherit a monumental but not insurmountable task. I wish them every and early success. Our country faces a serious crisis that could reverse all the advances that have been made in the past 50 years.… Read More

Towards a better understanding of the full life-coherence principle

In order to better understand and appreciate the world around us, we build models and theories and apply the rigors of mathematics to make predictions to see how closely these models describe reality.  As has been shown before, through John McMurtry’s lifelong work, almost all of our models and theories of the world have been life-blind (and… Read More

I stand corrected: Death is already included in the full life-coherence principle!

“The good life for human beings must be a life that is realizable on earth—it must be a good that accords with our finite, embodied nature. Thus the good for human beings, Noonan concluded, is the free-realization of our defining life-capacities, within the limits that nature and a finite lifespan impose. His current research continues to develop the implications of this materialist ethics. His current book project is examining the existential dimensions of human finitude, defending the life value of human limitations against a naive and potentially destructive technotopianism.”

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Enlightening humanity’s double blind-spots

If you have been following the recent posts closely, you would have noticed that much effort has been made to show that our life-blind prescriptions have been singularly responsible for most of the political and economic debacles in terms of their mismanagement of our “household” in their respective spheres of influence. Professor John McMurtry’s book ‘The Cancer Stage of Capitalism:… Read More

Keynote Address by University of Guelph University Professor Emeritus John McMurty, entitled “Rationality and Scientific Method: Paradigm Shift in an Age of Collapse” given on March 19, 2008 at the University of Windsor

This paper explains what has long been missing across domains and levels of analysis: (1) the life-blind inner logic regulating contemporary paradigms of “rationality” and “scientific method”; (2) the reasons why these regulators of thought select for unforeseen consequences of ecological, social and economic collapse; and (3) the principle of life-ground consistency which corrects this systemic incoherence of thought regime.

KEYWORDS: academy, collapse, collective choice, full coherence principle, game theory, life and money sequences of value, mechanism, global market, rationality, scientific method, truth

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