The Secret to a Healthy Nation – in-depth article based on presentation given at Operation Rescue’s fundraiser on October 3, 2015

The pdf version can be dowloaded from here. The Secret to a Healthy Nation Dr Bichara Sahely, BSc, MBBS, DM (Int Med) October 16, 2015 Abstract Health is a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being and is a fundamental human right. It would have been hoped that in this age of globalising free-markets where… Read More


This article was initially posted at on April 29, 2012. You can also download the article in pdf format here. Abstract In this short note, the key to unlocking the secrets of quantum physics will be elucidated by exploring the fundamentals of Schrodinger’s wave mechanics approach to describing quantum phenomenon. We will show that de Broglie’s wave-particle… Read More

The atoms of space

In this brief note, it will be shown that space may have hidden properties normally attributed to elementary particles, such as mass and charge. We will also elucidate the thermodynamic properties of these atoms of space by modelling these atoms as ideal gas entities propagating disturbances at the speed of light. We have only demanded consistency in the formulas for circular motion, Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence, wave-particle duality, Planck-Einstein equation, Newton’s law of universal gravitation, Schwarzschild solution of general relativity, the Reissner–Nordström metric and black hole thermodynamics. We will then use the adiabatic index formula to elucidate the degrees of freedom of these atoms of space. We will also reinterpret Einstein’s theories of relativity, solve the mystery of the double slit experiment, muse on the physical nature of dark energy, and finally uncover a possible blindspot that may have hampered progress in constructing a consistent and complete theory of quantum gravity.

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An unofficial poll to determine how to proceed after the NIOSH report on the BHS investigations.

Updated August 22, 2015 There has only been one vote over the past two days, so I have decided to close the poll. Other Answers: Tell the truth! Rebuild on the same grounds after additional testing provided such testing is neg. Renovate Washington Archibald High School to accommodate all the students Updated August 17, 2015… Read More

My response to the attacks of my credibility as a medical doctor on social media

Yesterday, an article, penned by a “Perry Liburd” entitled Bichara Sahely Has Lost His Credibility As A Medical Doctor, got my attention when it was posted to the timeline of my Facebook page by a “Franz Archibald.”  I was honoured by a former minister of government who even liked and shared this posting on his own Facebook… Read More

Who is victimising whom?

In one of my previous blog articles entitled Constitutional boundary changes – only the tip of the gerrymandering iceberg, I identified three types of gerrymandering in addition to gerrymandering of the constituency boundaries.  I wrote: “Having listened to the [former] Prime Minister’s monthly press conference yesterday (July 24, 2013), it dawned on me that what was being… Read More


Before I begin, I would like to state for the record that this is my opinion in my personal capacity as a concerned citizen and as an alumnus of the BHS, and not as a member of the Medical Board, Medical Association, or Ministry of Health. Given that I was vocal before and that I… Read More