From Statehood to Interdependence – A blueprint for devolution of power and meaningful constitutional reform

“I am sure that none of you would want to rest content with the superficial kind of social analysis that deals merely with effects and does not grapple with underlying causes.”- Letter from a Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King Jr

For those of you who follow my blog articles, you would recognise that I have placed much of what is happening in our beloved Federation at the feet of political tribalism, and moreover, that we should all be united in getting rid of this scourge from our lands. Interestingly, on Inside the News today on WINNFM, the topic of political tribalism was discussed, and although many were quick to point out its effects, I was disappointed that no one attempted to deal with the real underlying causes or even to provide solutions on how we as a nation can detribalise as we move forward.

Over the past year, I have been trying to grapple with elucidating the causes and finding solutions and several sources have presented themselves serendipitously. It is hoped that in penning this article, I would be able to convince, not only myself, but by extension you, my readers, where the problem lies and where crucial changes need to be made for us as a nation to change course and to use our creative energies to rebuild a better society for ourselves and the next generations.

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