CLW COMMENTARY ON LESSONS IN DEMOCRACY – PDF Through television and other media sources we are exposed on a daily and almost irresistible basis and in very graphic ways to the current controversies in the USA over the challenges to democracy in that country. Perhaps the most fascinating of these controversies involves the use of… Read More

Father, Forgive Us; For We Know Not What We Do.

Over the past several months, I have become distraught by the happenings in my beloved country. I have been following the talk shows and listening to the political rallies, and what I have come to realize is that our political system is totally dysfunctional – on its present trajectory, it is bringing out the worst in us. We are hearing and seeing dishonourable and abominable behaviour on the political platform. We are witnessing the ultimate disenfranchisement of the people by the powers-that-be as they undermine the fundamental right of the people to seek redress, when they, via their representatives, lose confidence in the leadership and direction of the people in power. To sidestep this issue is to create a slippery slope of dire precedents that would serve to undermine the integrity and the spirit of our constitution by creating a state no longer governed by the rule of law but one that is now governed by the rule of men. Read More