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Category: Wisdom

Capitalism’s Invisible Army

I call the CIA, “Capitalism’s Invisible Army.” – Critical Path By R. Buckminster Fuller, New York, NY: St. Martin’s Press, 1981, Pg. 103 Hiroyuki Hamada 7:13 AM – 14 Mar 2018 “I […]

The Ultimate Life-Ground

The more I learn about the soil, the more I realize it is the greatest life asset we have. It is the base (field or force of production and distribution and sustenance) of […]

Psychological Stress and Mitochondria Psychological Stress and Mitochondria Play video Video Author: Martin Picard Published on: 02.02.2018 Associated with: Psychosomatic Medicine. 80(2):126-140, February/March 2018Psychosomatic Medicine. 80(2):141-153, February/March 2018 The integration of biological, psychological, […]

The Argumentum Ad Adversarium by John McMurtry (1986)

Adapted from: Vlll.1, Winter 1986 Informal Logic The Argumentum Ad Adversarium JOHN MCMURTRY      University of Guelph Introduction The fallacy of ignoratio elenchi (“ignorance of the argument”) comes in many forms. […]