A MUST WATCH! The End-Game-Plan of our Social Cancer Stem-Cells Revealed! / The Need for a Peace-Keeping Life-Valuing Media Alternative as a Counterbalance to this Social Cancer!

  Below are two emails I penned yesterday and disseminated which I am reproducing here (with minor spelling and grammatical corrections). Dear Colleagues: It is fitting that this be shared as I have been following Prof Werner’s work over several years and there is life-value consilience between McMurtry’s (LVOA), Galtung’s (Peace Studies), Eisler’s (Cultural Transformation… Read More


ON THE ROLE OF THE MEDIA FOR WORLD-WIDE SECURITY AND PEACE by Johan Galtung Université Nouvelle Transnationale 154 rue de Tolbiac F75013 Paris July 1985 Reproduced from: https://www.transcend.org/galtung/papers/On%20the%20Role%20of%20the%20Media%20for%20Worldwide%20Security%20and%20Peace.pdf On Data, Theories and Values What the media do and what researchers do are not that different. Both of them relate to empirical reality and are interested in… Read More

Johan Galtung: The Doctrine Of Just War: Just that, war! (Or more war than just).

Reproduced from: https://www.transcend.org/galtung/papers/The%20Doctrine%20Of%20Just%20War.pdf THE DOCTRINE OF JUST WAR: JUST THAT, WAR! (OR MORE WAR THAN JUST) By Johan Galtung, Peace and Conflict Studies, Univ. of Queensland There is no scarcity of literature in this field, much of it permutations around the basic core of “I am of course against war, but – -“. So let it… Read More

“Who Runs The World? The Subconscious(*)” by Johan Galtung

Reproduced from: https://www.transcend.org/tms/2013/12/who-runs-the-world-the-subconscious/ Who Runs The World? The Subconscious(*) EDITORIAL, 30 December 2013 #306 | Johan Galtung, 30 Dec 2013 – TRANSCEND Media Service Not one or a group of persons, not one or a group of countries. But they may serve as instruments for scripts engraved on the deeper recesses of their minds, not the… Read More

How a life-valued versus money-valued dichotomy makes a world of indifference to peace!

How a life-valued versus money-valued dichotomy makes a world of money-valued indifference to peace, and how the cognitive maps of Carl Jung, Johan Galtung and John McMurtry make a world of life-valued difference to healing that indifference! Have we collectively inherited a money-valued as opposed to a life-valued collective unconscious? Does money-value enable cultural violence… Read More

Transforming our world from a fake dominant culture debased on money-value to a true partnership culture recentered on life-value

In a previous post entitled Embracing the paradigm shift – from the principalities of darkness to the principles that value life, I opined: “Unless we come face to face and heart to heart with the demons within and  be able to verbalise that which is repressed within and projected onto others without, the vicious cylce of… Read More

Cultural Violence by Johan Galtung (1990)

Reproduced from: https://www.galtung-institut.de/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Cultural-Violence-Galtung.pdf © Journal of Peace Research. vol. 27. no. 3. 1990. pp. 291-305 Cultural Violence* JOHAN GALTUNG College of Social Sciences, University of Hawaii, Manoa This article introduces a concept of ‘cultural violence’, and can be seen as a follow-up of the author’s introduction of the concept of ‘structural violence’ over 20 years ago… Read More