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Universal life goods/necessities

Universal life goods/necessities: All goods without which human life capacities are reduced or destroyed:

  1. atmosphere (breathable air, open space and light);
  2. organism (clean water, nourishing foods, waste disposal);
  3. home and habitat (shelter and a life-enhancing environment);
  4. care through time (love, safety and healthcare);
  5. human culture (music, language, art, play and sport);
  6. human vocation (meaningful work of value to others);
  7. life justice (right to enjoy these life goods and obligation to help provide them).

Source: What is Good? What is Bad? The Value of All Values across Time, Place and Theories’ by John McMurtry, Philosophy and World Problems, Volume I-III, UNESCO in partnership with Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems: Oxford, 2004-11.