“The Effectiveness of Mathematical Formalisms” by Humberto Maturana Romesin (2000)

Reproduced from: https://reflexus.org/wp-content/uploads/maturana.pdf Cybernetics & Human Knowing, Vol.7, no. 2-3, 2000, pp. 147–150 ASC American  Society forCybernetics a society for the art and science of human understanding The Effectiveness of Mathematical Formalisms  Humberto Maturana Romesin In this short article I would like to address the question: How is that mathematical formalisms permit us to compute relations in the… Read More

“Biology of Language: The Epistemology of Reality” by Humberto R. Maturana (1978)

Reproduced from: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/9409/7d89173928e11fc20f851cf05c9138cbfbb3.pdf Biology of Language: The Epistemology of Reality Humberto R. Maturana (1978) I am not a linguist, I am a biologist. Therefore, I shall speak about language as a biologist, and address myself to two basic biological questions, namely: What processes must take place in an organism for it to establish a linguistic domain… Read More

Understanding Social Systems? / What Is Sociology? / Confusion of Reflective Domains? by Humberto R. Maturana

Understanding Social Systems? Humberto R. Maturana Escuela Matríztica de Santiago, Chile hmr/at/matriztica.org Maturana H. R. (2014) Understanding social systems? Constructivist Foundations 9(2): 187–188. http://constructivist.info/9/2/187 In my commentary I reflect on conceptual and epistemological questions. In particular, I challenge the idea of trying to define social systems. I also wonder whether in many cases autopoiesis is… Read More

Cultural-Biology: Systemic Consequences of Our Evolutionary Natural Drift as Molecular Autopoietic Systems

Cultural-Biology: Systemic Consequences of Our Evolutionary Natural Drift as Molecular Autopoietic Systems Humberto Maturana R.1 • Ximena Dávila Yáñez1 • Simón Ramírez Muñoz1 Found Sci (2016) 21:631–678 DOI 10.1007/s10699-015-9431-1 Published online: 28 September 2015 © Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht 2015 1 Matríztic School of Santiago, Rosario Sur Street No 91 Office 304, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile Humberto Maturana R.… Read More

From Altruism and Selfishness, to Organisms and Societies

The following is an excerpt from: Maturana, H. R., & Varela, F. J. (1987). The tree of knowledge: The biological roots of human understanding. Boston, MA, US: New Science Library/Shambhala Publications. pp 997-999 Altruism and Selfishness  A study of the ontogenic couplings between organisms and an assessment of their great universality and variety point to a… Read More

“Goodness and badness belong to the domain of values, and responsibility belongs to the domain of awareness.” – Quote by Humberto R. Maturana

BERMAN M. THE ROOTS OF REALITY: MATURANA AND VARELA’S THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE Cite as: Berman M. (1989) The roots of reality: Maturana and Varela’s the Tree of Knowledge. Journal of Humanistic Psychology 29(2): 277–284. Available at http://cepa.info/4666 The Tree of Knowledge, by Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela, is a landmark attempt to integrate biology, cognition,… Read More

BIOLOGY OF LOVE By Humberto Maturana Romesin and Gerda Verden-Zoller

Reproduced from: http://www.terapiacognitiva.eu/cpc/dwl/PerMul/biology-of-love.pdf BIOLOGY OF LOVE By Humberto Maturana Romesin and Gerda Verden-Zoller, Opp, G.: Peterander, F. (Hrsg.): Focus Heilpadagogik, Ernst Reinhardt, Munchen/Basel 1996.  We human beings are love dependent animals. This is apparent in that we become ill when we are deprived of love at whatever age. No doubt we live a culture in which we… Read More

A selection of articles by Humberto Maturana on Systemic and Meta-Systemic Laws, Metadesign, and his contribution to Constructive Psychotherapy

Systemic and Meta-Systemic Laws Reproduced from: http://interactions.acm.org/archive/view/may-june-2013/systemic-and-meta-systemic-laws Authors: Ximena Yáñez, Humberto Romesín This essay is the result of our reflections over the course of many recursive conversations in the space of our collaboration at the Matriztic Institute in Santiago, Chile on the interplay of biology and culture on human living. We propose these Systemic and Meta-Systemic… Read More

“Education as viewed from the biological matrix of human existence” (2006) by Humberto Maturana and Ximena Paz Dávila

Extracted from: http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0014/001455/145502e.pdf prelac journal THE BIOLOGY OF KNOWING AND THE BIOLOGY OF LOVING Education as viewed from the biological matrix of human existence Humberto Maturana and Ximena Paz Dávila Biologist, Chile. Matrix Mentor, Chile. The responsibility for education: whose court is the ball in? It seems to me important to reflect on questions that arise… Read More


Reproduced from: http://www.univie.ac.at/aoc/asc/Periodica/X_2_3_1981.pdf IN THIS ISSUE: Foreword by the Special-Issues Editor, Klaus Krippendorff Autopoiesis Today, Milan Zeleny Autopoiesis: The Organization of Living Systems, Its Characterization and a Model, F.G. Varela, H.R. Maturana and A. Uribe The Organization of the Living: A Theory of the Living Organization, Humberto R. Maturana Self-Organization of Living Systems: A Formal Model… Read More