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Category: Spirituality

‘Introduction to Liology’ by Jeremy Lent

Reproduced from: Introduction to Liology This presentation was given by Liology Institute founder, Jeremy Lent, to a Liology Gathering in Nicasio, CA, in September 2013.  It’s a great way to […]

“The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community” by David Korten

Reproduced from: The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community How will future generations remember our time? As the time when climate chaos, peak oil, and an unstable global economy […]

On the Infinite Within

The following quote have been excerpted from the book Beyond Fear and Rage edited by Ervin Laszlo. (N.B. bold highlighting added for emphasis by me.) Gyorgyi Szaba Director of Research Laszlo […]

Watch “Good-Bye to Matter” by Ervin Laszlo on YouTube

Reproduced from: Good-Bye to Matter The history of Western thought is largely the history of materialism. With few exceptions, mainly confined to idealist philosophers and a handful of phyicists, the […]