Global health

Global health:

Global health refers to the transnational impacts of globalization upon health determinants and health problems which are the beyond the control of individual nations.

Reference: Modified definition (Lee, 2003)

Issues on the global health agenda include the inequities caused by patterns of international trade and investment, the effects of global climate change, the vulnerability of refugee populations, the marketing of harmful products by transnational corporations and the transmission of diseases resulting from travel between countries. The distinction between global health problems and those which could be regarded as international health issues is that the former defy control by the institutions of individual countries. These global threats to health require partnerships for priority setting and health promotion at both the national and international level.

Source: WHO Health Promotion Glossary: new terms. Smith BJ, Tang KC, Nutbeam D. Health Promot Int. 2006 Dec;21(4):340-5.