Emancipation From Programmed Dependency | Dr Patrick Martin MD

In November 1937, Marcus Garvey spoke at the MIS Hall, Lower Market Street. He said, “Your island is your garden of Eden”.  “You must work and get things for yourself”. 

Bob Marley sang similarly: “Not one of my seeds / Shall sit in the sidewalk and beg bread” (So Jah Seh, 1974). 

Seeking after government handouts is like sitting in the sidewalk and begging bread. This is exactly what programmed dependency encourages. A mentality of getting things without effort.

Programmed dependency exists when otherwise able adults are officially categorized as poor without scientific assessment including means-testing. Such persons may be given money from the Treasury without performance conditions. If not money, a contract, house or land may be part of the giving and receiving.

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Cannabis: Moving from Insanity to Industry | Dr. Patrick Martin MD

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CCJ Vote Down Lessons | Dr Patrick Martin MD

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“Attacking Crime, Violence and Homicide: Unity is Strength” by Dr Patrick Martin, MD

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“Mary Charles Hospital: A History of Good Health Stewardship” by Dr Patrick Martin, MD

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“Not Us!” by Dr Patrick Martin MD

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Music Festival: Not For Children! by Dr Patrick Martin, MD

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“The Common Good: A Cabinet Responsibility” by Dr Patrick Martin, MD

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“A Human-Oriented Drug Policy” by Dr Patrick Martin

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