Cannabis: Moving from Insanity to Industry | Dr. Patrick Martin MD

Cannabis: Moving from Insanity to Industry Patrick Martin May 15, 2019 According to Einstein, insanity is, “Doing the same things over and over and expecting different results”. Since colonialism, we have been doing a same thing.We have been acting out a deception that caused the demonization of a plant that has profound medicinal and industrial… Read More

When We are Enslaved to Big Lies, the Truth will Hurt, but Only the Truth can Set Us Free!

Imagine that you have spent most of your life in law enforcement dedicated to upholding law and order in your society. You have been told that marijuana is a Schedule 1 substance that has the “greatest potential for abuse and with no medical value“. Given this is the case and the concern for the citizens,… Read More

“A Human-Oriented Drug Policy” by Dr Patrick Martin

A Human-Oriented Drug Policy Patrick Martin Student & Resident Citizen May 8, 2018 All humans are entitled to a life free from stigma, discrimination, intimidation, fear and victimization. Why then, in this enlightened era of human rights, justice and good governance, is cannabis use the target of high-level ridicule?  There was a time when similar… Read More

“The Marijuana Commission:  Moving From Filibuster To Legalization” by Dr Patrick Martin, MD

The Marijuana Commission: Moving From Filibuster To Legalization  Patrick Martin, MD Citizen & Student April 2017 Marijuana is a plant.  Use in the local culture is prevalent.  Outright demonization of nature’s creation is illogical and imprudent. The announcement of a “National Commission on Marijuana/Cannabis Sativa” reads as a policy U-turn. Undoubtedly, assertiveness in the electorate… Read More