“Attacking Crime, Violence and Homicide: Unity is Strength” by Dr Patrick Martin, MD

Attacking Crime, Violence and Homicide:  Unity is Strength Patrick Martin August 31, 2018 The profound wisdom of our culture says, “One hand can’t clap”. Unity, a coalition of political will, is critical to restoring societal peace. Ours is a nation burdened with post-traumatic ailments. Knowing what we are personally experiencing, the citizenry continues to plead… Read More

When We are Enslaved to Big Lies, the Truth will Hurt, but Only the Truth can Set Us Free!

Imagine that you have spent most of your life in law enforcement dedicated to upholding law and order in your society. You have been told that marijuana is a Schedule 1 substance that has the “greatest potential for abuse and with no medical value“. Given this is the case and the concern for the citizens,… Read More

Report on the National Crime Reduction Symposium and Follow-up Workshop held on 9th February 2017 in St. Kitts and 2nd March 2017 in Nevis

NATIONAL CRIME REDUCTION AND PREVENTION STRATEGY (PDF Report) Table of Contents  Acknowledgement Introduction: Summary Report on Symposium Comprehensive National Crime Reduction and Prevention Strategy Outline of Crime Reduction and Prevention Strategies Proposed by Stakeholder Groups to Address the Various Roots of Crime Miscellaneous Strategies and Recommendations Tabulating Crime Statistics to Capture Roots of Crime Data Appendix… Read More

“Seventeen” by Dr Patrick Martin, MD

Seventeen  Patrick Martin, MD Student & Resident Citizen Seventeen year olds are children in late adolescence. They should be buried in books or software development, not in a grave. They should be taking shots at goal or throwing the shot put, not shooting or being shot at. The nation continues to reel under the burden… Read More

Rough Dem Up! by Patrick Martin, MD

Rough Dem Up! Patrick Martin, MD Citizen& Student February 6, 2017 An official directive to “Rough Dem Up” may be unpolished but exasperation over unrelenting violence is justified.  Criminal activity appears immune to communal supplication and change in government.  Too many citizens are held hostage in their homes suffering psychosomatic ailments such as panic attacks,… Read More

We Have An Insurgency: A Crisis That Can Be Erased by Dr Patrick Martin, MD

We Have An Insurgency:  A Crisis That Can Be Erased Patrick Martin, MD Resident Citizen & Student November 2016   An insurgency is a threat to the authority of the State.  The Federation is beset with targeted killings, drive-by shootings and the ambushing of individuals, passenger and taxi buses, delivery vans, and financial institutions, some… Read More

The socioeconomic and geopolitical determinants of crime in the Federation of St Kitts-Nevis

About two years ago, a patient was gunned down by an assailant in the emergency room at the Joseph N France General Hospital an hour after I had seen and examined a patient in that very same room. Yesterday, there was a police chase and the firing of some shots on the street several yards from… Read More