“Dominator” vs. “Partnership” Cultures: A Profound Re-Telling of Human History

Reproduced from: http://www.refinethemind.com/dominator-vs-partnership/ “Dominator” vs. “Partnership” Cultures: A Profound Re-Telling of Human History Jordan Bates Jan 14, 2015 “In sum, the struggle for our future is . . . the struggle between those who cling to patterns of domination and those working for a more equitable partnership world.” — Riane Eisler Recently, I’ve written a couple of… Read More

Watch “Riane Eisler; Transforming from a Domination to a Partnership Society” on YouTube

Published on Nov 17, 2017 Humans were, for much of early civilization, equal partners, without male domination. Then things changed, Male domination swept in with nomadic herders. Now, we need to take steps to get back to a partnership society and partnership economics. We discuss the difference between Patriarchy and domination.

Transforming our world from a fake dominant culture debased on money-value to a true partnership culture recentered on life-value

In a previous post entitled Embracing the paradigm shift – from the principalities of darkness to the principles that value life, I opined: “Unless we come face to face and heart to heart with the demons within and  be able to verbalise that which is repressed within and projected onto others without, the vicious cylce of… Read More

Cultural Transformation: Building a Partnership World by Raine Eisler from KOSMOS

Reproduced from http://rianeeisler.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/KosmosJournal-SS2014-Eisler.pdf   Cultural Transformation: Building a Partnership World by Riane Eisler Can we build a world where our great potentials for consciousness, caring and creativity are realized? What would this more equitable, less violent world look like? How can we build it? These questions animated my research over the past four decades. They arose… Read More

Whole Systems Change: A Framework & First Steps for Social/Economic Transformation by Riane Eisler

Reproduced from: http://www.thenextsystem.org/whole-systems-change/ Whole Systems Change RIANE EISLER | MARCH 1, 2016 Download the PDF A Framework & First Steps for Social/Economic Transformation This paper by Riane Eisler, published alongside three others, is one of many proposals for a systemic alternative we have published or will be publishing here at the Next System Project. You can read… Read More

Riane Eisler’s Cultural Transformation Course

Part 1: Where We Are Learn how Riane’s personal history as a Holocaust survivor, refugee in Cuba, and front line participant in the 1960’s Women’s Movement crystallized the questions that have animated her life-long scholarship and activism. Does it have to be this way? Is violence and cruelty just ‘human nature’? Or are there alternatives… Read More

Watch “The Chalice or the Blade” on Vimeo

“Inspired in part by the book, ‘The Chalice and The Blade’ by Riane Eisler. This video is a collaborative effort between Ife Aziz (youtube.com/PepperMintLIfe ) and Aaron Moritz ( theinfinityes.com ) made possible through the internet, which allowed us to reach out, empathize, and share ideas with one another. On many fronts, the fact that… Read More

From survival of the fittest competitors to THRIVAL of the fittest cooperators

In  previous blog post entitled Survival of the Unfittest?, I endeavoured to show that our social, economic, and political infrastructures were designed to enable the unfittest among us to survive. I opined: “When we put the local machinations into its global context, we begin to see the death throes of a failing financial and economic… Read More

Grand Corruption! From Whence Came and Whither Bound? It is NOW Time to Change our Focus!

Yesterday, I came across a speech entitled “GRAND CORRUPTION – THE NEW CHALLENGE” that was delivered by José Ugaz, the chair of the leading anti-corruption group Transparency International to their Jamaican chapter National Integrity Action in Kingston, on 15 March 2015. It poignantly states: “Corruption is a tax that is paid by the poorest in… Read More