When We are Enslaved to Big Lies, the Truth will Hurt, but Only the Truth can Set Us Free!

Imagine that you have spent most of your life in law enforcement dedicated to upholding law and order in your society. You have been told that marijuana is a Schedule 1 substance that has the “greatest potential for abuse and with no medical value“. Given this is the case and the concern for the citizens, you were responsible for the arrest of those involved with possession of marijuana and the destruction of their careers as they now have a criminal record which limits prospects for job security and their ability to earn a decent living. You may have even risked your life and the life of your colleagues in raids and there may even have been lives of youth lost due to inter-rival gang turf wars because of the lucrative potential of this drug trafficking.

Imagine now that you are told that this was all a Big Lie, and that marijuana has the least potential for abuse and has medicinal value that has been suppressed over the years.

If you look at the trafficking of marijuana and other illicit drugs, a striking pattern emerges. Marijuana is by far the most trafficked of them all and has the greatest number of users.


Having looked at the evidence over the years, and having heard from a medical expert this week that the major medical concern was the effect on the growing human brain which extends up to 25 years, and knowing that children can be supervised by caring parents, families and friends and brain-protective laws enacted and enforced to prevent its indiscriminate use in those most vulnerable, I have come to the conclusion that the criminalization of marijuana use was made under false pretences and was based on a Big Lie, that did much more harm than what its criminalization was purported to protect. Was this by accident or was this by design, and if so why? Who were the authors of this collusion and confusion as if this was a Big Lie, why has it not been remedied as yet, and why is it taking so long?

Whenever I am in these situations, in which I realize that things are not always what they seem and we should not believe everything we were programmed to think as there are systems and structures in place to camouflage and sustain the Big Lies, I always ask two questions that get me the answer: 1) If I follow the money, where does it lead? and 2) Cui Bono? for whose benefit? And once I ask those questions, the answers always lead to a Criminal International Agency/Capitalism Invisible Army, whose covert actions has always been and will always be 1) social and 2) financial engineering in the name of “National” or “International” (In)Security.

Let me explain.  It has been known for some time, that the CIA has been involved in many covert operations and its major mode of operation is destabilization of regions for coveted resources by transnational private corporations be it for oil, minerals and infrastructure projects abroad, and provision of cheap “slave” labour for the privatized corporatized prison industrial complex at home. Since the most marginalized and vulnerable members of society become easy target, many of the victims become assets to mask the CIA’s involvement in order to fall back on plausible deniability if their machinations are discovered. They also provide the firearms, vehicles of transport and cover, and banks to money launder the financial proceeds to fund these black covert operations around the world. And many of the financial international centres found in secrecy jurisdictions function in the main to hide the money trail and to capture the surplus proceeds of this lucrative trade and to funnel it back to the homeland to prop up the value of the Dollar. So, for this to be sustainable for a significant period of time, systems and structural institutions have to be in place and supported at the highest levels “on a need-to-know basis” for this to be a viable endeavour for those concerned. (Please see: Rethinking Iran-Contra: A Much Darker Story? and The socioeconomic and geopolitical determinants of crime in the Federation of St Kitts-Nevis)

This now brings me to the financial engineering part of the Big Lie. We all know that capitalism’s claim to fame is the commoditization, monetization and financialization of all life goods and service, not in the name of growing and provisioning of life-capital, but in the name of maximizing money profit. How can one turn marijuana into a financial derivative with very lucrative profit potential? Isn’t it by manufacturing scarcities and demands? And by making marijuana illegal and manufacturing scarcity of supply, isn’t its price value inflated upwards? It is by destabilizing communities and nudging the most vulnerable to premedicate themselves due to stress and anxieties of living, and to risk livelihood for a steady source of income, you begin to see how the system of life-deprivations begins to manufacture greater stressful demands that creates a vicious cycle of money-value extraction via greater life-destabilisations through and through.

Given what I have seen and read over the years, I am convinced that many leaders in high places in the political, legal, financial and law enforcement arena are complicit in this Big Lie and all the song and dance we see on matters related to crime in the Federation over the past decades are by “experts” who are brought here not to fix the situation, but to maintain the status quo for vested interests and to micromanage the destabilizations and to manufacture credibility of the fight against crime. Again, by following the money and by asking Cui Bono? in terms of surveillance and tactical crime-fighting equipment, one will readily discover the “positive” financial externalities of crime, as crime does really pay for a few, but not for the common man scapegoated by blaming the victims of the destabilizations. It is this (un)intended consequence, for the increased demand for crime-fighting paraphernalia in the name of increasing security and protecting the public, that proves the exception to the statement that “crime does not pay” while knowing fully well that the “fight against crime does pay lucrative dividends!!”

And the politicians have been used over and over again as yahoos and puppets for vested geopolitical interests. Even a former minister of government remarked to me once that IMF officials once made a comment to them when they visited the Federation that we do not have any old cars on the street and the level of poverty appears to be less than what the data shows and they are wondering if we have an informal underground drug economy keeping our economy afloat? Sometimes, I wonder if the CBI programs in the region and around the world are actually masks of smoke and mirrors to hide inflows of drug money, as, as of yet, there has not been any public full accounting of the SIDF/CBI programmes. This may be because if there is a transparent and accountable paper trail of the financial transactions that can be scrutinized by the public, the covert machinations of the Criminal International Agencies would be discovered.

Again, it makes me wonder at times if masking Criminal Insecurity Activities as face-value National Security Activities is the order of the day. We should now become more vigilant and discerning when “National and International Security” are banded around as pretexts for withholding public information at home, and for life-destabilization ventures abroad like “Humanitarian Interventions” and “Responsibility to Protect Initiatives,” where the questions should now become, for whose benefit is the information being hidden and for whose benefit are these activities being instigated, respectively?

Proceeding along, this now begs the question whether our Independence was in name only, given that our islands have now become embedded and dependent on the social and financial engineering machinations of Mother England and Uncle Sam, making us enslaved in more ways than one to the Biggest Lie of them all, that we are a free and sovereign nation with the ability  to self-govern in our drive to self-determination, which is farthest from the truth. Our politicians have been captured by these external nefarious elements and it is only with Integrity and Anti-Corruption Laws within with which we can self-govern effectively. This may explain why they are dragging their feet! Since integrity and anti-corruption legislation must be welcomed by all and sundry, vested external interests of the Criminal International Agency may not want it to be so, for the reasons I have given above.

And finally, the Biggest of Lies to Rule them All, which is that we live in a Democracy in which the majority rule, and that there is no viable alternative to Neoliberal-Warmongering Capitalism. If this was the case, then why all these covert operations of social and financial engineering and wasted expenditure of resources and life-talents, by the destabilizers of whom many genuinely think they are upholding law and order? Why are there over 800 US military bases overseas and why is the Military-Industrial-Congress-Intelligence-Mainstream Media complex heavily invested in manufacturing demand and consent for perpetual destabilizations overseas and now in their back yard. Again, if you follow the money, you will find Cui Bono! (Please see: The Political Economy of the Weapons Industry).

When private corporations control the levers of power of the state, and government is no longer representative or accountable to the Demos, the people, but that of private transnational corporations, we by definition do not have a democracy but a globalized captured fascist state.  Even China’s evolving policy-making one-party state is less fascist and more democratic than America’s one-policy neoliberal warmongering many-party state which is the most fascist and least democratic of them all:

So, this leads me now to the deepest opaque and unaccountable undemocratic Deep (Dark) State that is now international in scope and is colluding with other Criminal International Agencies like MI6 and Mossad to manufacture false flags and pretexts for perpetual destabilizing wars to manufacture and socially engineer more migrant crises, either to create discord in other countries by stressing the resource base or to manufacture an oversupply of cheap labour for their corporations. Also, warmongering and manufacturing pretext for wars is also a form of financial engineering that would boost sales for the global armament industry, which has no life-value functions whatsoever and is a criminal waste of resources of the highest degree and is the greatest crime against peace and humanity and all of life on this planet. (Please see: “War Is A Racket” By Major General Smedley Butler (1935)).

So, we all have been enslaved to many Big Lies!  So, what must we do now?  As I can imagine, this is making many people very uncomfortable, as many cannot handle the Truth! Many of us have been unsuspectingly complicit in the life-destabilizing social and financial engineering and to accept, that we have done more harm than good, can become now cognitively, emotionally and behaviourally destabilizing in and of itself and is the reason for the impasse we are in right now!

Frantz Fanon lays bare this phenomenon of cognitive dissonance which is at epidemic proportions and is creating havoc across the world as you read. He wrote some time ago:

Frantz Fanon

“Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.”
Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks

I agree with Yanis Varoufakis in that this repugnantly secret Deep (Dark) State is a conspiracy without conspirators, as there is no small group of individuals pulling the strings and controlling the system towards a desired goal. Our planetary global system is too complex for this to even be attempted or possible. So, if not “who”, then “what” is regulating or governing the incoherencies in the system that is causing wasteful amounts of energy and resources to keep the totally life-dysfunctional globalized system afloat and prevent it from collapsing? Isn’t more social and financial engineering which are inherently life-destabilising poison masquerading as medicine the problem and not the solution to these destabilisations?

The simplest truth of the matter is that we have a systemic regulating or governing structural value disorder of money sequencing of value the has been given primacy over life sequencing of value, and which has been unintentionally designed to put money profit over life profit. We have in effect been unsuspectingly complicit in socially and financially engineering a life-blind system that in effect legally operationalizes: 1) the legitimization and institutionalization of corporate rights over human rights, over animal rights, and ultimately over nature’s rights; 2) the legitimization and validation of money-value cost efficiency over and above life-value ecological, societal physical input-output and human developmental efficiencies, and 3) the legitimization of the extraction and privatization of the money-value gains and the dumping and socialization of the life-value losses and 4) the legitimization and institutionalization of moral-hazard or no life-skin in the game for the transnational private corporations as they are protected by limited liabilities laws and public taxpayer bailouts. This practice of persistent sincerely misguided self-deception only entangles us further if left unseen, tabooed and blinkered out in all of our de-liberations!

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.” – Walter Scott

As written by Prof John McMurtry in email correspondence of a work in progress entitled “Reversal of Human Evolution / The Global Market Wars on Public Knowledge” in the section entitled:

No Accountability, No Evidence, No Rule of Life-Protective Law

Yet the globe-resource looting transnational corporate rich are plainly the most directly responsible agents of this greatest of all crimes against life on earth. They have gotten away with it for a long time and become ever richer at the expense of all the species. “Lacking both a body to be kicked and a soul to be damned”, British Lord Chancellor Thurlow said long ago of private corporations, “they therefore do as they like”.

This Big Lie will only persist, and the entanglement of deception will only get worse, and life-destabilization will only ratchet up to a higher notch once there are lacunae in our understanding of this substratum of collectively orchestrated life-incoherent collusion due to this system value disorder. Again, this is going to be a very painful process to accept, because many of us have invested much of our careers in destabilizing our spheres of influence while thinking we were doing good. This is not time for blaming anyone as the lacunae of ignorance of our sincerely misguided missteps have been spotlighted as a value system disorder that can and must be corrected. We were only doing the best we can given our level of understanding or lack thereof of these deceptions. These lacunae in our public knowledge base have consequences as I have gone to great pains to highlight above, as we have been regulated for the most part negatively by ignorance of what we knew not, rather than positively by the knowledge of how we can do better. But since we now know, there is no going back!!

So here is the most positive side of any painful Truth and the Reconciliation of this Painful Truth-Seeking Exercise, as expressed in the timely and prescient quote by Prof John McMurtry:

“Knowledge always win in the end, but not unless and until it is known.” – Professor John McMurtry

Again, the Truth that we have been living and are enslaved to Big Lies will always hurt, as some of us cannot handle the truth because of cognitive dissonance. It is only in the public revelation of this Truth, would we be able to emancipate ourselves from this form of mental slavery and break-free from the shackles of ignorance and finally be truly set free!

The more I think about it, it was the Truth and Reconciliation of the facts around the social, financial and legal engineering of marijuana by the Deep State of our Capitalistic Fascist money-value disorder system that has opened my eyes the most and which should open up more eyes to the Big Lies underlying it all.  It is not going to be the olive branch of peacemaking that is going to “save us” from our social iniquities, but the spread of life-valuing and enabling verifiable knowledge catalyzed by the coming to light of the life-destabilizations machinations of the marijuana plant’s criminalization industrial complex affair. This may be a consolation and a silver lining in these dark clouds of discernment which I have highlighted above.

I will leave you now with this exhibit to reflect upon some more and ponder, and to search within to see how you have been complicit in these Big Lie schemes and how best to find solutions in overcoming the enslavement of cognitive dissonance and setting yourself, your family and your friends free!

Just in case you failed to browse the link to Yanis Varoufakus timely article on the Deep State above, I have reproduced the article in its entirety below:

On the Deep State – an audio essay in seven parts
August 19, 2018

Is there a Deep State in our western liberal democracies? If so, is it a conspiracy or something more ‘interesting’ than that? These are questions that the Left has been traditionally engaged with, especially when facing undercover campaigns to prevent progressives from winning power or, on occasion, to unseat or destabilise left-wing governments. However, more recently, the Alt-Right has begun waging a war of words against the Deep State, with Donald Trump and his supporters doing so most boisterously. Is this a figment of the imagination on those on the extremities of the political spectrum (left and right), as this BBC Radio 4 program ends up concluding? Or is the Deep State something real, tangible – a clear and present danger for democracy? In this audio essay I argue that the Deep State is inevitable in contemporary, corporate, financialised capitalism and constitutes democracy’s greatest foe.

After exploring the space between markets and formal state institutions in which the Deep State ‘lives’ as a Private-Public Technocracy, I outline the four manufacturing ‘processes’ that constitute it:

  1. Manufacturing prices (i.e. subverting the very market mechanism that capitalism is supposed to rely on)
  2. Manufacturing desires
  3. Manufacturing money (e.g. the black magic by which central and private banks conjure up the supply of money)
  4. Manufacturing consent

Touching upon the great misconception of the establishment’s liberal individualist political philosophy regarding the limits of the state (and what it means to be an autonomous individual), I define the Deep State as a conspiracy without conspirators, as a grand design without a designer (i.e. not too dissimilar to the manner in which Darwinian evolution produces complex systems without a grand designer, or how – according to Adam Smith – a market regulates supply and demand without any human actually regulating them).

Finally, I return to the 1920s and 1930s, in order to highlight the manner in which Donald Trump and the new Nationalist-Fascist International is copying Goebbels and Mussolini in attacking the Deep State only in order to take it over and use it against those whose votes and attention they seek to appropriate.

Lastly, I put forward a radical idea of what to do about the Deep State: Nothing! Progressives must simply fight for democracy, reason and humanism and, as long as we manage to unite across countries and to break down antiquated party-political divisions, the Deep State will recede.

Part 1 – Democracy’s Greatest Foe

Part 2 – State Power And The Four Layers Of Deep State Manufacturing

Part 3 – Liberal Individualism’s Misconception of The State’s Limits

Part 4 – The Deep State As A Conspiracy Without Conspirators

Part 5 – From Goebbels To Donald Trump’s Campaign Against The Deep State

Part 6 – Britain’s And Greece’s Deep States In The 1960s And Now

Part 7 – So, What Should Progressives Do About The Deep State?

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