When We are Enslaved to Big Lies, the Truth will Hurt, but Only the Truth can Set Us Free!

The simplest truth of the matter is that we have a systemic regulating or governing structural value disorder of money sequencing of value the has been given primacy over life sequencing of value, and which has been unintentionally designed to put money profit over life profit. We have in effect been unsuspectingly complicit in socially and financially engineering a life-blind system that in effect legally operationalizes: 1) the legitimization and institutionalization of corporate rights over human rights, over animal rights, and ultimately over nature’s rights; 2) the legitimization and validation of money-value cost efficiency over and above life-value ecological, societal physical input-output and human developmental efficiencies, and 3) the legitimization of the extraction and privatization of the money-value gains and the dumping and socialization of the life-value losses and 4) the legitimization and institutionalization of moral-hazard or no life-skin in the game for the transnational private corporations as they are protected by limited liabilities laws and public taxpayer bailouts. This practice of persistent sincerely misguided self-deception only entangles us further if left unseen, tabooed and blinkered out in all of our de-liberations!

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.” – Walter Scott

As written by Prof John McMurtry in email correspondence of a work in progress entitled “Reversal of Human Evolution / The Global Market Wars on Public Knowledge” in the section entitled:

No Accountability, No Evidence, No Rule of Life-Protective Law

Yet the globe-resource looting transnational corporate rich are plainly the most directly responsible agents of this greatest of all crimes against life on earth. They have gotten away with it for a long time and become ever richer at the expense of all the species. “Lacking both a body to be kicked and a soul to be damned”, British Lord Chancellor Thurlow said long ago of private corporations, “they therefore do as they like”.

This Big Lie will only persist, and the entanglement of deception will only get worse, and life-destabilization will only ratchet up to a higher notch once there are lacunae in our understanding of this substratum of collectively orchestrated life-incoherent collusion due to this system value disorder. Again, this is going to be a very painful process to accept, because many of us have invested much of our careers in destabilizing our spheres of influence while thinking we were doing good. This is not time for blaming anyone as the lacunae of ignorance of our sincerely misguided missteps have been spotlighted as a value system disorder that can and must be corrected. We were only doing the best we can given our level of understanding or lack thereof of these deceptions. These lacunae in our public knowledge base have consequences as I have gone to great pains to highlight above, as we have been regulated for the most part negatively by ignorance of what we knew not, rather than positively by the knowledge of how we can do better. But since we now know, there is no going back!!

So here is the most positive side of any painful Truth and the Reconciliation of this Painful Truth-Seeking Exercise, as expressed in the timely and prescient quote by Prof John McMurtry:

“Knowledge always win in the end, but not unless and until it is known.” – Professor John McMurtry

Again, the Truth that we have been living and are enslaved to Big Lies will always hurt, as some of us cannot handle the truth because of cognitive dissonance. It is only in the public revelation of this Truth, would we be able to emancipate ourselves from this form of mental slavery and break-free from the shackles of ignorance and finally be truly set free!

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