Capitalism’s Invisible Army

I call the CIA, “Capitalism’s Invisible Army.”
– Critical Path By R. Buckminster Fuller,
New York, NY: St. Martin’s Press, 1981, Pg. 103


Hiroyuki Hamada
7:13 AM – 14 Mar 2018

“I understand that it is horrible to hear the new head of CIA is a documented torturer. But, isn’t it like German people during WW2 saying that the new head of the Gestapo is an anti-Semite? The whole notion of having a government agency that engages in extra-judicial whatever to prop up the western economic sphere should be seen as unacceptable. And the US has 17 of those spy agencies. And they work with 900 military bases across the globe. And the whole thing costs more than a half of the government spending. And they tell you capitalism is the only way to go while bombing socialist countries. You know what I mean? It’s obvious. Socialism is the answer. Marx is completely right in saying that it is problematic to take away people’s joy in leading their lives according to their love of life. It is problematic to turn those lives systematically into profits. It is problematic to destroy people’s ability to guide their communities. It is problematic to think without compassion and empathy for others. We are all connected physically, psychologically, genetically on this tiny planet. If they can accumulate as much as no kings or no queens could even imagine, how many billion hearts did they have to empty? We can do better than that. We must do better than that. I feel that one day our dream will come true.”


Julian Assange ⌛ on Twitter
12:18 PM – 13 Mar 2018

“With Pompeo taking over State from Tillerson, we now have:

1) CIA taking over State
2) CIA/NSC/etc influx making 25% of 2018 Democratic candidates in competitive areas
3) CIA former heads, officers influx to NBC, MSNBC
4) CIA fake news journalist Ken Dilanian sheltered at NBC
5) CIA contractor Jeff Bezos ($600m in just one CIA contract) has already taken control of the Washington Post ($250m)”

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