On the Infinite Within

The following quote have been excerpted from the book Beyond Fear and Rage edited by Ervin Laszlo. (N.B. bold highlighting added for emphasis by me.) Gyorgyi Szaba Director of Research Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research pp. 78-80 “The self-Interested Worldview versus the holistic Worldview. Self-interested behavior hallmarks the last few centuries. It stems from a… Read More

On Embodiment, Manifestations, Relevance and the Intrinsic Meaningfulness of LIFE

The following quotes have been excerpted from the book Beyond Fear and Rage edited by Ervin Laszlo. (N.B. bold highlighting added for emphasis by me.) ALEXANDER LASZLO The Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (ITBA) pp. 33-34 “This is a time of re-membering our dance in the web of life—of bringing our membership back into the Council… Read More

Watch “Good-Bye to Matter” by Ervin Laszlo on YouTube

Reproduced from: http://www.itcprague2017.org/speakers/ervin-laszlo Good-Bye to Matter The history of Western thought is largely the history of materialism. With few exceptions, mainly confined to idealist philosophers and a handful of phyicists, the belief that matter is the fundamental reality has prevailed. This belief is now transcended and will soon be abandoned. Belief in matter as the stuff… Read More

Collection of articles by Prof Ervin Laszlo from The Huffington Post

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/ervin-laszlo 05/08/10 Why Your Brain Is A Quantum Computer 05/12/10 If Your Brain Is A Quantum Computer, Can It Connect You To The World? 05/17/10 Using Your Quantum Brain to Connect to the World 05/24/10 The Quantum Brain, Spirituality, And The Mind Of God 06/05/10 Quantum Consciousness: Our Evolution, Our Salvation 06/12/10 Cosmic Symphony: A Deeper Look at Quantum Consciousness 06/15/10 Evolution… Read More

The Challenge Before Us: Mastering The Split In Human Consciousness by Prof Ervin Laszlo

Reproduced from: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/great-work-cultures/the-challenge-before-us-m_b_12624658.html It has been said that the future is not to be predicted; it is to be created. A predictable future would be a sad thing, because we would already know what was coming and feel powerless to change course. Today’s way of doing business will be the same as tomorrows. Were that the… Read More

The Birth of the Akasha Paradigm by Prof Ervin Laszlo

Reproduced from: https://www.deepakchopra.com/blog/article/4078 Fundamental shifts are on the horizon. Before this watershed year 2012 is over, a thorough transformation will get off the ground in economics and in business, as well as in politics and in civil society. These “worldshifts” include a major development in science: a paradigm-shift. Science is not the immutable enterprise of observing… Read More