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Watch “Good-Bye to Matter” by Ervin Laszlo on YouTube

Reproduced from: Good-Bye to Matter The history of Western thought is largely the history of materialism. With few exceptions, mainly confined to idealist philosophers and a handful of phyicists, the […]

Watch “How We Enslave Ourselves” on YouTube

Reproduced from: The following is a transcript of this video. Since the birth of civilization, tyrannical rulers have plagued mankind. Driven by an insatiable appetite for power such individuals have […]

The Self-Domestication of Humans

Published on Feb 14, 2017 Ron Flannery presentation on the self domestication of humans – Darwin Day 2017 at Red Bank Humanists. CARTA – Domestication and Human Evolution about this […]

Health in All Policies: Framework for Country Action

Reproduced from: Health in All Policies: Framework for Country Action This framework provides countries with a practical means of enhancing a coherent approach to Health in All Policies (HiAP), particularly […]