Psychological Stress and Mitochondria Psychological Stress and Mitochondria Play video Video Author: Martin Picard Published on: 02.02.2018 Associated with: Psychosomatic Medicine. 80(2):126-140, February/March 2018Psychosomatic Medicine. 80(2):141-153, February/March 2018 The integration of biological, psychological, and social factors in medicine has benefited from increasingly precise stress response biomarkers. Mitochondria, a subcellular organelle with its own genome, produce the energy required… Read More

An illustrated new view of the ontological basis and value of ALL life in health and disease

“The world is perfect, and the human opportunity is to see that and conform to that fact.” – Huston Smith “A man only becomes wise when he begins to calculate the approximate depth of his ignorance.” – Gian Carlo Menotti Timelines Adapted from: The Fundamental Units of Life are the Energy Miners – All Microorganisms and the Mitochondria and Chloroplasts from which… Read More