False religion

False religionThe defining master principle of false religion across cultures is that a human group solicits special favor from an assumed non-human almighty to conquer declared enemies for major material acquisition from them by the power of this God who is worshipped in return.

More exactly, false religion involves

(1) the continual sacrifice of others’ lives or life conditions in an almighty’s name for

(2) exclusionary payoffs to the party invoking it as worship object, so that

(3) no matter how life-destructive this god-system becomes in reality,

(4) the evidence is blocked out or erased so that

(5) two levels of incoherence occur:

(i) between serving the good in claim while enriching the self-group at the cost of others;

(ii) between the claimed emancipation of life and systematic violation of life in fact. Thus locked into systemic contradictions:

(6) the ruling religion’s deity and laws are sustained by attacking any deviation from them, while

(7) homicidal and life-condition destruction proceed in the name of a supreme, immutable and non-human authority which cannot be opposed without risk of social ruin.

False religion includes theo-capitalism.

Source: What is Good? What is Bad? The Value of All Values across Time, Place and Theories’ by John McMurtry, Philosophy and World Problems, Volume I-III, UNESCO in partnership with Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems: Oxford, 2004-11.