Jeff Noonan. Embodiment and the Meaning of Life | Review by Prof John McMurtry

This book seeks to explain the meaning of life from a materialist standpoint where it faces its greatest challenge – the certain death of our embodied being. Jeff Noonan lucidly argues across metaphysics and moral and social philosophy for the ultimate meaning, not meaninglessness, of human life created by the limit of certain death. The implicit assumption is that there is no otherworldly life after death, or immaterial God source, or destiny of the individual soul beyond this world or any supra-or-extra-terrestrial meaning.

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Living in the Gift | Charles Eisenstein

Why does the sun shine? A random result of coalescing gases igniting nuclear fusion? Or is it in order to give its light and warmth to Life? Why does the rain fall? Is it the senseless product of blind chemical processes of evaporation and condensation? Or is it to water life? Why do you seek to pour forth your song? Is it to show off your genetic fitness to attract a mate, or is it to contribute to a more beautiful world? We may fear those first answers but it is the second that carries the ring of truth. Read More

Initiation into a Living Planet | Charles Eisenstein

Perversely, the dominant global warming narrative facilitates denialism by shifting alarm onto a defeasible scientific theory whose ultimate proof can only come when it is too late. With effects that are distant in space and time, and causally distant as well, it is much easier to deny climate change than it is to deny, say, that whale hunting kills whales, that deforestation dries up the land, that plastic is killing marine life, and so forth. By the same token, the effects of place-based ecological healing are easier to see than the climate effects of photovoltaic panels or wind turbines. The causal distance is shorter, and the effects more tangible. For example, where farmers practice soil regeneration, the water table begins to rise, springs that were dry for decades come back to life, streams begin flowing year round again, and songbirds and wildlife return to the area. This is visible without needing to trust distant scientific institutions. Read More

The End of Kings |Sustainable Human and Caitlin Johnstone

Sustainable Human Published on Sep 4, 2018 Support the creation of more videos like this: More from Caitlin Johnstone: In the old days, kings wore gold on their heads, and when you saw one you were expected to remove your hat and bow or you’d be tortured to death in the town square.… Read More

“Positing the Presuppositions — Dialectical Biology and the Minimal Structure of Life” by Victor Marques

This chapter aims to demonstrate that Hegel’s notion of organism involves what we today would call “strange loops”—an entangled hierarchy where closed loops of containment occur. That is closely related to the very concept of “true infinity,” which is the basis of the Hegelian notion of freedom. What Hegel calls “self-relating negativity,” the process of active self-limitation, is the basic structure shared both by the organism and by the self. That is precisely what makes reductive materialism untenable. Dialectical materialism, discredited by doctrinaire vulgarization as an “official ideology,” is quietly making a comeback in the natural sciences—not as a schematic procedure to deduce a priori the “laws of matter” but as a way to think through the inner interconnections of evolving complex systems.

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Seeding, Feeding and Weeding our Physical, Mental and Social Gardens of LIFE | WINNFM – OPERATION ROOM August 21 2018

On August 21st, 2018, I was invited on Dwyer Astaphan’s Operation Rescue Radio Talkshow on Winn FM 98.9 to discuss a wide range of issues that deal with the health of individuals and society.

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On the Infinite Within

The following quote have been excerpted from the book Beyond Fear and Rage edited by Ervin Laszlo. (N.B. bold highlighting added for emphasis by me.) Gyorgyi Szaba Director of Research Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research pp. 78-80 “The self-Interested Worldview versus the holistic Worldview. Self-interested behavior hallmarks the last few centuries. It stems from a… Read More

On Embodiment, Manifestations, Relevance and the Intrinsic Meaningfulness of LIFE

The following quotes have been excerpted from the book Beyond Fear and Rage edited by Ervin Laszlo. (N.B. bold highlighting added for emphasis by me.) ALEXANDER LASZLO The Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (ITBA) pp. 33-34 “This is a time of re-membering our dance in the web of life—of bringing our membership back into the Council… Read More