A MUST WATCH! The End-Game-Plan of our Social Cancer Stem-Cells Revealed! / The Need for a Peace-Keeping Life-Valuing Media Alternative as a Counterbalance to this Social Cancer!

Below are two emails I penned yesterday and disseminated which I am reproducing here (with minor spelling and grammatical corrections). Dear Colleagues: It is fitting that this be shared as I have been following Prof Werner’s work over several years and there is life-value consilience between McMurtry’s (LVOA), Galtung’s (Peace Studies), Eisler’s (Cultural Transformation Theory),… Read More

Watch “Richard Werner: Today’s Source of Money Creation – Central Decision-Making Vs Decentralised Decision-Making? The empirical evidence!” on YouTube

Published on Apr 23, 2018

The Monetary Institute’s “Our Money, Our Banks, Our Country – Money Creation in the Modern Economy” conference was held in Zurich, Switzerland on February 5, 2018.

Professor Richard Werner, Chair in International Banking, University of Southampton, England provided this overview of how money is created in nations throughout the world and the impacts and consequences of the current system.

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Shifting from Central Planning to a Decentralised Economy: Do we Need Central Banks? – Professor Werner

“Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings”

John F. Kennedy

Speech at the American University, Washington, D. C., 10 June 1963

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Watch “Prof. Richard Werner – Banking Industry Exposed & Solutions Presented – Dublin April 2016” on YouTube

Published on Nov 28, 2016 Detailed Index – Professor Richard Werner’s Talk: 1 – Why is banking so important for the economy, society and the sustainable development of regions and communities? 2 – What causes the recurring boom-bust cycles and crises? 3 – What policies or banking systems have historically been most successful in avoiding… Read More

Adam Smith’s Invisible Hands Revealed!!

Professor Richard A. Werner has conclusively shown that the invisible hands of the modern market are commercial banks which create money out of nothing!! (Can banks individually create money out of nothing? — The theories and the empirical evidence, How do banks create money, and why can other firms not do the same? An explanation for the… Read More

Stable and Sustainable Development: Mission Possible by Prof. Richard A. Werner, D.Phil. (Oxon)

Adopted from: http://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and-events/lessons-we-can-learn-from-the-success-of-the-japanese-growth-system (You will find the PDF Presentation, audio and video at the above hyperlinked address and also below) PDF Presentation Richard Werner gives a presentation on conventional and inductive economics, deriving lessons from the growth of the Japanese economy.  PROFESSOR RICHARD WERNER Professor Werner, DPhil (Oxon) has been Professor of International Banking at the… Read More

The Quantity Theory of Credit and Some of its Applications by Prof Richard Werner

Adopted from: Post-Keynesian Economics Study Group  at http://www.postkeynesian.net/keynes.html 30 October 2012  Richard Werner, University of Southampton The Quantity Theory of Credit discussant: Victoria Chick, UCL background paper – slides (Werner) – talk only (Werner and Chick) – Where does money come from? This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online. Please click on  in… Read More

Watch “Richard Werner: Banking & The Economy” on YouTube

Uploaded on Mar 30, 2011 Banks have a pivotal function in the economy, they are the main creators of the money supply. In granting or issuing so called ‘loans’ to their customers they create the money that is essential to make the modern economy work. In fact says Prof Werner: ‘there is no such thing… Read More