A MUST WATCH! The End-Game-Plan of our Social Cancer Stem-Cells Revealed! / The Need for a Peace-Keeping Life-Valuing Media Alternative as a Counterbalance to this Social Cancer!

Below are two emails I penned yesterday and disseminated which I am reproducing here (with minor spelling and grammatical corrections).

Dear Colleagues:

It is fitting that this be shared as I have been following Prof Werner’s work over several years and there is life-value consilience between McMurtry’s (LVOA), Galtung’s (Peace Studies), Eisler’s (Cultural Transformation Theory), Lietaer’s (Monetary Ecosystem), Rifkin’s (The Empathic Civilization, The Third Industrial Revolution and The Zero Marginal Cost Society) and Werner’s (Credit Creation Quantity Theory of Money) and my medical understanding of health and illth within the human body. (Please see the links below to Werner’s presentation and two articles that provides the medical understanding of this social cancer system).

Prof McMurtry’s calling out the social cancer and the transnational money-multiplying sequencing (stem-celled at the top by the transnational credit creation systems (the “life-blood” or more accurately the death knell) of our social level of life organisation, is very much accurate and should not be seen as a metaphor, but an explanation of our one way life-degenerate trends – which he goes to great pains to point out.

Although his logic is impeccable at the cognitive framing of it, further grounding at the physical thermodynamic level by Prof Began, makes clearer, for me at least, why Prof McMurtry’s LVOA should be at the epicentre of all of our rules of engagement at the social level of life organization.

For those who are not convinced, here is the fundamental insight. All open solitonic dissipative autopoietic systems that are regenerative over time consists of complex flow dynamic adaptive architectures that fundamentally “power, manage and move” their “metabolites” through self and other (environment) optimizing ways. We can see this at work from the bacterial and mitochondrial levels, up to the cellular, tissue, organ, organ system, organism, household, community, nation state, and ultimately up to the ecosystem and planetary levels and back down to the bacterial and mitochondrial levels.

Each of the complex flow dynamic adaptive architectural systems have universal organizing principles and regulating/governing processes that resonate inter-organizationally coherently with each other in a self-similar holarchical fractal pattern where what changes at each level of emergent life organisation is the “nature” of the fundamental “metabolite” elements. If the metabolism without is life-disabling, then the metabolism within would be coherently life-disabling and create islands of “life-enabling coherence” surrounded by a sea of life-destabilization, or should I say life-disabling “coherence” (now defined as a race to the bottom of the life-degeneration trends.)

At the social level of life organisation, these “metabolites” are the universal human life necessesitive, and depending on whether these complex flow dynamic adaptive architectures are life-enabling, and connect coherently to the civil commons — which is the source of all human individual needs (which are the sinks), or from the life-enabling vocation of individuals that till and tender and regenerate the civil commons source — the social life host will either grow, develop and mature healthily, or it would succumb to their eventual demise if these flow architectures are life-maladaptive.

Our centralized banking system and its life-blind rules of engagements that was chartered (privileged) by governments to the private banking cartel has allowed a monetary system that “straight-jackets” all level of life organisation in life-disabling ways since its use of sanctions, structural adjustments, economic and political hitmen, inclusive of the Military-Industrial-Complex. And now this centralization of credit creation is poised to take us the next level of an Orwellian life-disabling dystopia.

We have to be eternally vigilant in our democracy (if majority is to rule) for Trojan euphemisms that have become the order of the day. Universal basic income, Universal Job Guarantee, Cryptocurrency appear to be bribes (like life-disabling “freedom”, “democracy” and negative “peace”) that will be captured by the central banking cartel in quick time. We now need to understand the (w)holistic salutogenic geo-physico-chemic-socio-spiritual thermodynamic constructal life-enabling grounds, and the mechanisms that enabled this ruling-class capture, and the consequences of their life-blind machinations in going forward, and how we can in common in one hope, for one peace with one love cure the life-disabling complex flow dynamic mal-adaptive architectures that are life-disabling, and now culturally and structurally socially design them to make them whole or life-enabling again.

Please remember that the 40 year “winning” streak of neoliberal capitalism is only a small snapshot in time compared to the 10,000 years since the neolithic revolution to the more that a million years since our genus evolved on the scene. If the planetary systems fail via climate Armageddon or nuclear Armageddon, all level of organisations will without a doubt fail. If we have to go through the grieving processes of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance of our complicity in the system in order to turn over a new leaf to life-valued enlightenment from life-blind endarkenment, we need to do this individually and collectively in quick time.

Also, when someone jumps from a high 100 floor storey building on the way down in free-fall, for most of one’s descent (governed by the laws of gravity), one would think one is flying, until one hits the ground. This is not a metaphor but an explanation of our conflating our descent as a species and our impairing, disabling and “killing” of our social and planetary life-supporting systems (on which we absolutely depend) via our life-blind and cancerous money-value economic “ascent”. We should never confuse our exponentially increasing rate of life-blind suicidal trajectory with economic growth and development (another Trojan euphemism)!

Please go study Prof McMurtry’s LVOA to cure the dis-eases that plague us all at this most pivotal juncture in time.

Everything else is commentary!



Dear brothers and sisters who hunger and thirst for positive-peace and life-enablement:

It is interesting that just before the end of Cold War 1.0, this article was penned by the Father of Peace Studies, Prof Johan Galtung.

As it appears from Main-Stream-Media (MSM) reports that we may be entering Cold Ward 2.0, it may be time to resurrect this article and disseminate for wider reflection and deliberations. There are many pearls of wisdom here that would benefit all concerned given the state of machinations – pathological life-destructive competitive play (war games) with real life-disabling individual, social and planetary consequences within which we are now embroiled.

Just remember that, not only is an ounce of prevention better than cure (if profit is taken out of the equation), but PREVENTION is the CURE for all of our individual, social and planetary maladies – ie. FIRST, DO NO HARM – the quintessential pre-cautionary principle, given the possibility of nuclear and climate destabilizations and Armageddon that may be lurking around the corners.

It is very short and should be read in its entirety and efforts should be made to creating a network of public-funded mass media outlets that take into consideration the points made so as to give peace a chance to survive and thrive. Although peace organisations, think tanks, and academic institutions have been captured to enable and fund more war games, we need a counterbalance that the public can turn to that stresses the need for non-pathological (salutogenic) life-enabling competitive and cooperative play (peace games). Competitive sports (minus the corporate profit motive) along with a life-grounded spirituality now becomes a (w)holistic public health (medical) endeavour to prevent unnecessary suffering in the limiting of our human developmental capacities and our human nurturing and vocational abilities.

This should be “mediated” by a public-informing and disseminating peacekeeping mass media under the auspices of UNESCO guided by life-enabling and peace-keeping expert technocrats in the field such as Prof John McMurtry and Prof Johan Galtung, in the letter and the spirit of this article and that of the life-work of McMurtry’s LVOA and the peace-work of Galtung’s typology of violence (direct, structural and cultural) and the distinction that he makes between positive and negative peace, among other works.



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