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It we stop and look around us today, we will see that the world has gone mad!! Murders are increasing in our beautiful federation, terrorist attacks are occurring all over the world, wars and instability are escalating in neighbouring lands, and one nation has pulled out of dealing resolutely with the common threat of climate destabilization. Although Prof John McMurtry has already laid out in exquisite detail why this is happening and has provided the prescription to help get us from these crises to the cure via his Life-Value Onto-Axiological (LVOA) framework, anchored and steered by the principles of the Primary Axiom of Value applied to the provisioning and access of Universal Human Life Necessities, his life-work has not been taken seriously by policy and decision makers so as to be implemented in all of our deliberations and rules of engagement.

This has been very puzzling for me as his work is very solid and has not been refuted yet. If his prescription is necessary, why is it not sufficient to effect the needed transformations in our social and planetary interactions? Given its prescriptive value, why does it not have predictive power? What is it that is missing from this framework to make his anchoring and steering more intelligent, acceptable so as to be more actionable?

I am now convinced now than ever before that although Prof McMurtry’s Life-Value Onto-Axiology is the best cognitive prescriptive tool to anchor and steer our choice spaces in terms of deciding what is good and bad and how we can choose to make our lives and that of other life beings on the planet better, the physical life-ground understanding was incomplete and not yet fully-life secured to anchor and steer from. Interestingly, although we had excellent descriptive understandings of life phenomena and life models, we did not have a complete physical understanding of the laws of creative evolutionary design to guide our cognitive tools at the social organisational level to evolve our social constructs in the most life-coherent and integrative way forward!

But things are looking brighter and I am more optimistic now!!

The inspiration of this article was the discovery of the missing universal Constructal Law by Prof Adrian Bejan which grounds securely Prof McMurtry’s LVOA from which to anchor and steer his prescriptions. Interestingly, both the Primary Axiom of Life Value and the Constructal Law of Life can both be seen as different representations of the same unifying life principle, as shown below:

The Primary Axiom is: X is value if and only if, and to the extent that, x consists in or enables a more coherently inclusive range of thought/feeling/action than without it.

Conversely: x is disvalue if and only if, and to the extent that, x reduces/disables any range of thought/experience/action.

These three ultimate fields of value are defined, in turn, as:

thought = internal image and concept (T);

felt side of being = sensations, feeling/s, emotions, moods (F);

action = animate movement through space-time across species and organizations (A)

Symbolically expressed:

+V = > LR + and −V = < LR where L = Range of TFA and / = and/or.

The Constructal Law is: “For a finite-size system to persist in time (to live), it must evolve freely in such a way that it provides easier access to the imposed currents that flow through it.”

With now a fully integrated and complete physical and cognitive framework of meaning and understanding, we now have the most powerful cognitive map available in the form of constructal thermodynamics to build models and theories and to even make predictions in better appreciating and engineering the dynamic hierarchical flow architectures at the social and planetary levels of life organisation. Many of the incoherencies in thermodynamic theories have been corrected in constructal thermodynamics which has now been formalised mathematically for modelling and theorizing going forward.

If we go back to the opening paragraph of this article in which the destabilising life trends locally, regionally and internationally were highlighted, we can now with this fully integrative and life-coherent approach connect more dots than we could have imagined before. Intriguingly, it was Fourier’s analysis and transforms that was instrumental in understanding heat flows when the laws of thermodynamics were discovered. By now using spectral analysis of temporal and spatial trends and cycles to study in detail the properties of various integrated hierarchical flow architectures, we can in one fell swoop, predict which flow architectures are life-disabling and engineer them better so as to be more life-enabling.

We have now entered a transformative phase in human evolution in which we have the tools of monitoring and evaluation for radical accountability and radical transparency for better globalised governance practices, as there is now no place on Earth to run or hide. The math and computer engineers can now use the tools of Fourier analysis to connect every dot so as to identify which patterns are salutogenic and which ones are pathogenic flow architectures, and devise strategies to reinforce the former and neutralise the later; hence evolving the organismal and social immune systems up to the planetary level.

Since we are all interconnected with and interdependent on each other via our social and planetary life support systems, the spatial and temporal cycles and trends of violence can be analysed at the direct, structural and cultural levels to identify the large few channels of cultural constructs that are connected to the smaller channels of institutional structures that channel to the smallest acts of violence in our direct lives.

Since capital creation by life-blind neoliberalism ideology is the major ruling channel upstream being funnelled into the many acts of life-blind violence downstream, spectral analysis of the spatial and temporal harmonics and overtones and undertones can be correlated, and those social constructs that are life-disabling identified once and for all and uprooted. I honestly suspect secret capital flows of dark money through deep state structures through secrecy jurisdictions to terrorist groups, guided by back channels of secrecy services, is behind the mayhem we see locally, regionally and internationally.

I also suspect if we analyse the available open-data of financial flows emanating from the large channels of private central banks down through Wall Street then to Main Street, we will find that our present financial pulsating flow architectures are pathogenic and responsible for the booms and busts, and via their fiat usurious interest-compounding negotiable-debt instruments, are also responsible for the destabilising trends we see in our organismal, social and planetary spheres.

So we now have identified two interrelated life-disabling financial flow architectures at play here, the status-quo establishment that is cancerous and is destabilising the individual, social and planetary life hosts, and the dependent deep state other that is trying to stabilise the destabilizing status-quo from recognition and attack via false quantitative easing and reverse projection methodologies involving capture of the cognitive map via the mainstream media.

In short, fake life-blind ideologies do more harm than good and self-organise into flow architectures that are life-blind and life-destructive and do exactly the opposite what they claim to do in terms of protection of freedoms, democracy and social justice.

These life-disabling flows do not liberate us as proposed by the establishment but enslave us in invisible prisons by restricting our freedoms to choose how to search and how to evolve and how to actualize better our full life-capacities and capabilities by denying us the predictive purchasing power of prescriptive access to the universal human life necessities. Or to paraphrase in constructal terms, they restrict the range of fields of thought, felt side of being and action that help us to self-organise and evolve freely more fully-coherent and inclusive life-enabling and life-protective social flow architectures.

In this new light, all of the shadows of death, enslavement and the pursuit of ill-health for profiteering sake can be brought to the surface and disinfected and sanitized. We can now once again make our planetary abode greater and better again now reinvigorated with one hope, one faith and one love, of the protection afforded by the universal LVOA-Constructal RULE OF LAW! This we can be certain of as we reclaim once and for all and for one and all, ALL of our natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of well-being and social justice at ALL levels from the individual, to the social and planetary levels of life organisation.

Please find below links to more information on the Prof Adrian Began’s work on the Constructal Law:


In this groundbreaking book, Adrian Bejan takes the recurring patterns in nature — trees, tributaries, air passages, neural networks, and lightning bolts — and reveals how a single principle of physics, the Constructal Law, accounts for the evolution of these and all other designs in our world.

Everything — from biological life to inanimate systems — generates shape and structure and evolves in a sequence of ever-improving designs in order to facilitate flow. River basins, cardiovascular systems, and bolts of lightning are very efficient flow systems to move a current — of water, blood, or electricity. Likewise, the more complex architecture of animals evolve to cover greater distance per unit of useful energy, or increase their flow across the land. Such designs also appear in human organizations, like the hierarchical “flowcharts” or reporting structures in corporations and political bodies.

All are governed by the same principle, known as the Constructal Law, and configure and reconfigure themselves over time to flow more efficiently. Written in an easy style that achieves clarity without sacrificing complexity, Design in Nature is a paradigm-shifting book that will fundamentally transform our understanding of the world around us.


The Physics of Life explores the roots of the big question by examining the deepest urges and properties of living things, both animate and inanimate: how to live longer, with food, warmth, power, movement and free access to other people and surroundings. Bejan explores controversial and relevant issues such as sustainability, water and food supply, fuel, and economy, to critique the state in which the world understands positions of power and freedom. Breaking down concepts such as desire and power, sports health and culture, the state of economy, water and energy, politics and distribution, Bejan uses the language of physics to explain how each system works in order to clarify the meaning of evolution in its broadest scientific sense, moving the reader towards a better understanding of the world’s systems and the natural evolution of cultural and political development.

The Physics of Life argues that the evolution phenomenon is much broader and older than the evolutionary designs that constitute the biosphere, empowering readers with a new view of the globe and the future, revealing that the urge to have better ideas has the same physical effect as the urge to have better laws and better government. This is evolution explained loudly but also elegantly, forging a path that flows sustainability.

Published on Dec 12, 2012

Adrian Bejan is most recently the author of “Design in Nature: How the Constructal Law Governs Evolution in Biology, Physics, Technology, and Social Organization.” He is also a professor of engineering at Duke University. Bejan pioneered numerous original methods in science, including the constructal law of design and evolution in nature, entropy generation minimization, scale analysis of convection, heatlines and masslines, transition to turbulence, and designed porous media. He is listed among the top 100 most widely cited engineering authors in the world (all disciplines, all countries, living and deceased). Bejan has published 530 peer-reviewed articles and 24 books and has been awarded 16 doctorates Honoris Causa from universities in 11 countries.