Thermodynamics today | Prof. Adrian Bejan

In this paper I use the example set by Prof. Jan Szargut as point of reference for a brief look at the current state of thermodynamics—the doctrine, its reach and importance. I start with my first encounter with Prof. Jan Szargut in 1979, and I show how his work influenced mine. Next, I review the structure that underpins thermodynamics as a discipline: the laws and the self-standing phenomena that they underpin, and graphic methods that convey these principles. Along the way, I draw attention to a recent trend that is caused by the inflation in scientific publishing due to the internet: the most common mistakes and misconceptions in thermodynamics, and how they are being spread. In sum, this paper is a call to action, to value, improve and defend the science of thermodynamics. Read More

Helping to evolve our planetary abode to greater and better futures

It we stop and look around us today, we will see that the world has gone mad!! Murders are increasing in our beautiful federation, terrorist attacks are occurring all over the world, wars and instability are escalating in neighbouring lands, and one nation has pulled out of dealing resolutely with the common threat of climate destabilization.… Read More