TRANSCEND – Galtung Track Record on Conflict Solution/Mediation: 1958-2018

The TRANSCEND Method uses dialogues with all parties to identify their goals, testing their legitimacy, and for visions of a new social reality meeting legitimate goals. Diagnoses focus on conflict and trauma, prognoses without or with intervention, therapy on visions of solution and conciliation; proposed, propagated and realized.

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Martin Luther King Jr – A Christmas Sermon on Peace – 1967

Reproduced from here (currently removed): Can also be found here: Audio can be found here: Martin Luther King A Christmas Sermon on Peace 1967 Dr. King first delivered this sermon at Ebenezer Baptist Church, where he served as co-pastor. On Christmas Eve, 1967, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation aired this sermon as part of the seventh… Read More

Reclaiming our for-ever-giving and forgiving human nature and bringing us back from the brink of the for-ever-taking and fortaking misgivings of war

The drum beats of World War Three are on the horizon, and I sense we are collectively on a suicidal path. We have in our arsenal of human engagement weapons of mass destruction that have the potential to actualise the permanent destruction of lives, communities and even all of humanity, including the integrity of the… Read More

Trump: Peacemaking Revolution of the US Aggressive Geopolitics by

Reproduced from: Trump: Peacemaking Revolution of the US Aggressive Geopolitics By 45 coauthors: Leo Semashko, Mairead Maguire, Sergey Glazyev, Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Delasnieve Daspet, Michel Chossudovsky, John McMurtry, F. William Engdahl, Henry Giroux, Reimon Bachika, Roger Kotila, Sharon Tennison, Neil Hawkes, Theodore McIntire, Peter Hayes, David Hartsough, Regis Tremblay, Vladislav Krasnov, Charles Mercieca, Paul Craig Roberts,… Read More