Reclaiming our for-ever-giving and forgiving human nature and bringing us back from the brink of the for-ever-taking and fortaking misgivings of war

The drum beats of World War Three are on the horizon, and I sense we are collectively on a suicidal path. We have in our arsenal of human engagement weapons of mass destruction that have the potential to actualise the permanent destruction of lives, communities and even all of humanity, including the integrity of the life-giving systems of the planet that so many other life species depend on and from which we all arose.

What is misguiding us to propose permanent solutions to temporary problems of misunderstandings? Is war necessary after all? Aren’t we one of the most enlightened species on the planet that have been gifted with an organ to help us reason our way out of quagmires of tension and conflict? Why then do we program that organ with an operating system of engagement that promotes deception, distraction and single-minded destruction, rather than engage those problems head on with truth, resolve and co-creative construction?

Here is the core of the problem. If we always try to destroy the symptoms of our dis-eases without trying to understand the upstream social and cultural misguided worldviews that produced them, then the dis-eases will never go away. We would in effect be trying to right a wrong with another wrong, and things would only escalate as between each wave of destruction, there would only be a fake peace, given the persistent fake worldviews hiding below the surface.

What is becoming pellucidly clear, to me at least, is that at the core of the global insanity and psychopathology of our contemporary mainstream culture, is a fake perspective of what our true human nature is and what we are capable of doing as a responsible species embedded on a planet that is for-ever-giving and always forgiving. Instead of seeing our species as being part of Mother Nature and being able to learn from Her as apprentices given our embodied and embedded nature in the ebbs and flows of Life, we somehow along the way of our “evolution and enlightenment”, regressed and became endarkened! We detached and separated ourselves from Her, convinced ourselves that we are above Her, and that humanity’s raison d’être is to master, dominate and control for our self-serving purposes each other and all of Mother Nature and do a better job than Her! This is the father of all human hubris, and the mother of all human follies!!

Where and how did this maladaptive insecurity arise where 1) we lacked faith and lost trust in Mother Nature and each other to provide for our very life necessities to actualise our life-given potentials, 2) where we lost touch with our true for-ever-giving and forgiving nature, 3) replaced it with ideologies based on the fake views of human nature that programmed us to want to control each other, via our fake religions, fake education and fake socialisation systems, inclusive of politics, economics and science, and 4) created fake rules of engagement that undermined the integrity of our planetary life-giving and social institutional life-supporting systems?

What makes it worse, is that this fakeness is forcing those with the means, motives and opportunity to impose this fake narrative of misunderstanding and life-blind meaning on all aspects of our lives, and any challenge to this fake dominant “official” narrative is met with the weapons of mass deception, distraction and destruction to destroy the households of the community of nations that think otherwise. But by doing so, does it solve the problem of helping to create peace and harmony by instituting fake narratives and fake institutions and policies that support the dissemination of that fakeness? Hell no! This only makes this fakeness more entrenched, and now the balance of life and death literally rests on the guided missiles of misguided men! (Please see Trump Delegates Warmaking to Generals. “A Nuclear War could Start without Trump” and Has Trump Lost Control Of The Pentagon?).

So if war is a fake solution that creates more problems than it is purported to solve, what is the real solution to these fake problems that have been created in its stead? From where I sit and stand, the only and unique solution to our fake war problem is not more war, but to go back to the drawing board, and start to right/write the wrongs of the past collectively with as much empathy and compassion as we can muster! All of us, the winners and losers of the spoils of war, have been victims of a cultural maladaptive mindset, that have misinterpreted our true human nature and have replaced it with a false one, which has entangled all of us in the false trappings of all of our rules of engagement so far. What we need urgently now is a Global Truth and Reconciliation exercise, where every voice and aspiration can be heard, each sorrow and life-injustice documented, in which our true forsaken for-ever-giving and forgiving nature can collectively bubble up from the life-ground/bottom-up, rather than our fake for-ever-taking and for-taking nature being imposed and inculcated on us from the top-down by misguided politicians and economists. We have the tools of the internet commons to make this exercise a real and present solution to the real and ever-present escalating dangers of mass deceptions, distractions and destruction.

Why should we allow a few people of a Johnny-come-lately species to dictate the rules of engagement on a life-giving and life-supporting planet that is out of balance and does not harmonise with the life-giving and life-supporting systems of the planet that was bequeathed to us? What on Earth would it take for us to transition and transform our very fake life-offensive “intelligence and defence” institutions away from one predicated on producing weapons of mass deception, distraction and destruction to one based on true life-wisdom and life-defence institutions in which we promote health and life in all of our policies and management practices, inclusive of “the mother tongue of public policy” – economics? And finally, how do we transition and transform our world from one gerrymandered by misguided warmongers to one rebuilt by life-value guided peacemakers?

This is the fight of my life and that of my children that is worth fighting and becomes a (w)holy struggle within (jihad) against the fake worldviews without, where all efforts have to be guided, so that this becomes nothing less than a righteous and just war against life-ignorance, mental slavery, human deprivation and ecological degradation. It is only in so doing, will we in earnest and sincerity reclaim that integrity and good governance values and non-violent principles for our for-ever-giving and forgiving human nature.

That is our birthright and ought to be the legacy of our true humanity!!!


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