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Bichara Sahely
Yesterday at 3:25pm

In Place of Disunity and ‘Dissing’ UNITY
I am currently on vacation, and in between resting and spending time with family and friends, I have chosen to keep myself busy reflecting on what is transpiring in the land of my birth. I have taken time to research…
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Kenrick Georges The most direct and simple response to this is: “You’v e got to be juking!” You’ve claimed that you’ve listened to the media: did you not hear the constant call for violence from the people (PAM/Unity) seeking to lead our country? The continuous efforts to sell our country as a failed state; The laser-focussed intense hatred for the PM, and the opposition’s willingness to destroy SKN as long as they are not in control? Are the experts you’ve consulted sane, or did they exclusively work from the view you presented them? The opposition has been offering nothing but criticism, and has never offered a viable alternative. Why is the masses not seeing what you claim you see? I worry that your brand of objectivity will create more confusion for folk who can’t think for themselves.
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Kenrick Georges And let there be no pretense: both parties cater to a certain demographic. PAM caters to the rich and social elite. And don’t point to the few disillusioned ordinary folk who support the collective opposition, people have always voted against their best interest,,,sad but true. I defend my turf to the death.
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Bichara Sahely Kenrick Georges, no, I am not joking, I am very serious!! What constant call for violence from the opposition? It is not hatred for the PM, but his policies. Destroy the country, au contraire, it is to rebuild the country from the bottom up, You can follow the links to the collected papers to see for yourself to see if they are sane. Of course, it is the job of opposition to provide constructive criticism, and how can they provide alternatives at this juncture when they are not in power, do not have access to the books, and do not know what the reality is on the ground. It may be even worse than you and I think. Look what is transpiring in Nevis right now. How do you know the masses are not seeing what I am seeing? Why do you think we have folks who can’t think for themselves – who was at the wheel of ghte country for almost 2 decades? Is that the legacy you want to claim this administration is leaving behind? Also using the demographic divide is antithesis to what the UNITY team is endeavouring to create. And your claim that people always voted against their best interest? Why is that, given that the current leadership had almost 2 decades to empower us to vote in our best interest? Oh ye of little faith in our people. And that is where the problem begins and that is where it should end!!!
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Kenrick Georges Brother Bichara, we need not prolong this link any further, because you are presenting wrong information, and misinformation. Ian Liburd, on one of his radio shoes said: “I can understand why people plant bombs, and strap bombs to them selves…” Richards, Hamilton, Powell, all from the PAM roster have advocated violence at one time or another, that is why I started writing. It is the opposition’s job to provide alternatives; where are they. Lying about the country is not presenting an alternative. And let’s face it, demographic divide is always a parameter in any social consideration. You are looking out for the best interest of the people of your demographic, which will not square well with poor people. The Simmonds Administration served the affluent and elite well, case in point, the abolition of personal income taxes. Who benefitted? I can tell you who lost. I would like to believe that you would like to see the best for our country, just like I would, but being misleading, and not being informed of the things that really matter to poor people is not a good place to start. I am verity independent minded, and no amount of wool can be brought over my eyes. Experts mean nothing. Read “Two Nations,” by Andrew Hacker. The US Government sanctioned a study that equated blacks to a particular type of monkeys…these were experts. Brother, your reality is not the reality of the ordinary Kittitian-Nevisian.
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Nandy King I’ll stand 100% with you !
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Gary Thomas Absolutely agree Kenrick.
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Bichara Sahely Brother Kenrick Georges, if the opposition members have been promoting violence, why is it after 17 months after the MONC not been tabled Ralph Gonsalves claims there in no need to intervene because there is not violence? How are they lying about the country? Where is the evidence? Of course, both of us want the best for our people, but who is it doing the misleading? Who is bringing the wool over your eyes? Are the IMF not experts also? Are SCL Election managers not experts also? How do you know they are not doing the same thing as what you read in “Two Nations?” Many criticise what I write based on your conclusion that my reality is not the reality of the ordinary Kittitian-Nevisian? But what is my reality then if it is not based on my experiences? What if I want better for our people, and I realise they are being shortchanged by the incumbents? What if I feel they can do better to uplift our people? Should I keep quiet and let the political status quo remain? Creating a system of dependency is not a reality I am willing to accept. Yes, many of the politicians of the past have made mistakes, but I sense a genuine effort to change for the better, which I am not seeing with the incumbents. Please help me to see St. Kitts-Nevis through your eyes that justifies the status quo remaining the same.
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Kenrick Georges And Brother, Bichara: My approach to my country and its problems is not academic. Gonsalves said, “There is no crisis in St. Kitts and Nevis…” Now, to want better for our country would lead you to the unadulterated truth. About the violence advocated by your preferred people, did you verify that I was telling the truth, and you misrepresented the facts? Brother, you can go to my Facebook notes and find my take on the MOnC. Is that all you have? I think that you are totally out of place to suggest that out government is creating system of dependency. That is exactly what you are promoting when your group controls everything. Creating the infrastructure for our people to do well is not creating a system of dependency. But letting the the those with the economic power control the political power as well pushes the ordinary man, without a huge bankroll back to the bottom. That must not happen SKN today. I am waiting for a VIABLE OPTION but it has not presented itself. One of the problem is, when looking at others getting it might appear that one is loosing something. No! There must be enough for all. No one is taking from you, but the nation’s wealth is for all of us to share. Check you nonsense about dependency. The truth is right before you…embrace it.
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Bichara Sahely May I ask one simple question, Brother Kenrick? If the present situation is acceptable to you, and the nation’s wealth is for all of us to share, why are you not back home with us sharing that wealth? Why have you chosen to live in another man’s land and at the same time support that economic and political regime here that you so mightily defend? Why are you not here with us helping to give back to our people? If your children have better opportunities in the USA than in St. Kits-Nevis, why is that the case? It seems odd you put the current regime on a pedestal but you refuse to live here under their rule? Some thing does not add up. You are saying one thing but doing something completely different. Instead of encouraging the leadership to do better, help deescalate the political divisiveness, you and many others are content to see it remain and become more entrenched. I don’t get it, and I may never get it, but all I know the current state of affairs is unsustainable. If the current leadership who has the power cannot see it fit to change and use its powers to change this divisiveness, then he needs to give another team a chance to do so. If all else fails at the end, at least both of us would be the more wiser, and at least that would have given you and others an opportunity to tell me, “I told you so.”
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Gary Thomas Ken I think your comments accurately rebuffs the inaccuracies and misinformation being peddled. ..
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Kenrick Georges Bichara, I hoped that you would not get personal, but you did. First: Did I not talk about a viable option? What do you think that should mean? What you are offering as an option is going back to the state when you and yours run rough shod over our poor people. Second: I don’t know you, but I guess you never lived in another man’s country. Next: Do you have any idea how I lived under the Simmonds regime? I will not use my situation to prove my argument, but my lumps came from the top. Bichara, please don’t let me spread the rug of our history with your people at the top, and how the poor were treated. I don’t mind you having your views, but surely, you should not bring them to this forum…they show who you really are, and the outcome you clammer for. Make your point and leave my f…… children out of it.
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Kenrick Georges And by the way: You Mr. Disingenuous, are you suggesting that the refusal to table the MoNC is a good cause to take a violent recourse, or at least threaten it?
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Bichara Sahely Brother Kenrick, when you are referring “to you and yours running rough shod over our poor people,” whom are you referring to? You keep referring to my people? I was born and bred in St. Kitts, lived overseas in Canada for four years and Jamaica for 11 years. I support the philosophy of the Labour party and I voted for the Labour candidates in the last two elections. I never supported PAM, and I relate more to the common man than the elites. My parents had humble beginnings and my family stressed the importance of education in our lives, and I returned home to contribute to the growth and development of my country. That does not make me an authority of what I speak, but I have a vested interest in the betterment of the county for one and all. I carry no brief for any party, but I am attempting to give the common man a voice, a voice that has been dumbed down by the regime you support via bribery, fear and intimidation. I live in St. Kitts and I see it around me. If someone like me who cannot speak truth to power, who is going to speak for those who are less fortunate and may be conflicted and compromised? Please answer me that!! And one last thing, I am very disappointed that you would preface the statement of f….. children in one sentence. It is for a better life for your children and mine that this is all about, not about party or personalities. On a deeper level, it is our personal experiences that grounds us in what we believe, do and say, and I make to apologies in getting personal, AS LONG AS WE KEEP IT CIVIL AND RESPECTFUL!! I am just trying to see the situation through your eyes. If things don’t improve, and I feel I cannot give any more to my country, or my country is too toxic for my children, I would do the same like you and leave. So no disrespect intended and I apologise if I insulted you or your family.
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Bichara Sahely Just saw your last comment. Of course not, there is never a good cause to take a violent recourse or threaten it, but it speaks volumes that the course was not taken. This is no longer separate parties we are dealing with and inanimate rules that can be cherry picked to one’s party liking. The three parties now have human flesh and blood checks and balances at the table before an election to ensure that the interests of everyone, from the elites, to common man, to the Nevisians are taken into account. They have put their party’s reputation on the line, and this is the best opportunity I can think of for meaningful transformation of the social fabric of our Federation. Hence it behooves us to support them, for all it is worth.
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Kenrick Georges I don’t have the time to read tour entire post…it offers nothing. But do not try to see anything through my eyes…you never will. Did you question anyone else’s decision for not being in SKN but is actively defending a political point of view as well?
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Gary Thomas Ken I am dumbfounded by the ease to which some are trying to mislead us. It’s shocking that just because these crazy hypocrites decided to come together for their own narrow and selfish desires; we must all take them at their word, and trust them but yet distrust others.
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Bichara Sahely Brother Kenrick, how can you dismiss my response before reading it? We are all free to express our opinions and support who we want, whether at home or abroad. My contention is with basing your support on what has been done in the past, and the weaknesses of the opposition without giving serious consideration with the reality on the ground and the challenges we face in the here and now! This is not the same old same old politics we are dealing with, and it is us in civil society, who claim we love St. Kitts-Nevis, be it at home or in the diaspora, who should be putting the powers that be feet to the fire. My concern is not the polticians, but the citizens. It is us who give them the lattitude and wriggle room to do what they did to us in the past and now, and we need to tell the poltiticans, we demand a new way of doing things. I sincerely hope that you and Gary Thomas can help convince the power that be to open up the media, have debates among the candidates so that when we vote, we the citizens vote will be well informed. If you are convinced that your party is the best team to take us forward, what do you have to lose in encouraging them to do so to make their cases in the open for all and sundry to see. Please demonstrate the full confidence you have in your leadership and encouraging them to do the right thing, for our sake.
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Bichara Sahely Gary Thomas, trust is not something that is granted but is something that is earned, and if trust is something which cannot be verified, then it is not trustworthy in the first place. That is why if policies and actions are not accountable, transparent and good governance rules are not followed, then you are leaving the political arena wide open for distrust, misinformation and conflict. That is what we should strive to change. And the same level of scrutiny we are giving to the incumbents, we will give the same amount, and not one iota less, to the next government. Let us deal with the issues instead of accusing each other of misleading, and calling the opposition crazy hypocrites, having narrow and selfish interests. That may be matters of opinion, but let us deal now with matters of fact.
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Gary Thomas Perhaps we are not living in the same world doc as the media appears to be very open to me. I mean the present administration has supported the expansion of radio stations from 1 to what 14. The very people you now support tried to block winnfm from getting a licence. It was the very same pm you now hate who fought for them to be given an opportunity to have a say and contribute to public awareness. We have witnessed an explosion in online skn media outlets and television outfits. Freedom of expression and public criticism of the government have never been more possible in our nation’s history. I am not against the idea of political debates, perhaps, I am certain that one day we might get to that point. Are we there yet, I don’t know, we will see. I do not think that we need a televised debate or a face to face engagement to become an informed electorate. I would posit that the skn populace is one of the most intelligent and informed people in the region and the world. Like you, I have lived in the USA and have experience the highest degree of ignorance and uninformed citizens anywhere, and they have the most advance tools and aids. I always encourage and support transparency and open dialogue among our people. I always try to ensure that I can see the substance in an issue and not the person and I will keep it that way. But dont be so quick to conclude that you are right and the other side is wrong. We both might be wrong..
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Lenny Lloyd BigUps Bichara – Some of us have too “rea$on$’ to oppose your views…Don’t be distracted…WE ARE READING AND LEARNING!
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Jermaine Sacky Lake Bichara, the truth cannot be denied.
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Bichara Sahely Gary Thomas, I have heard the argument that because we have many media groups in St. Kitts and Nevis, that there is ample opportunity for people to express their criticism of government and express their own ideas, and for that we have to be truly grateful. But we can do better. Why not raise the bar higher and level the playing field. Allow opposing view points to be aired on the national radio and television stations. Pass the Freedom of Information Act so that journalists can have teeth to ask the hard questions and report factual information in the best interest of the country. Yes, there is a lot of ignorance and uninformed citizens in the more than developed countries, but we can do better in ours. I agree we have the most informed and intelligent people in the region, and you are a testament to that, so why do the powers that be continue to insult our intelligence and not help raise the bar? What are they afraid of? Are we too bright to see through their shenanigans? And finally who says I hate our PM? He is fearless and determined in what he is doing, and he is using all of the avenues within his legal disposal to stay in power. Imagine what he could have done if his attention and energies were focused in overcoming the divisiveness, forgiving those who need it and asking for forgiveness where warranted in the spirit of truth and reconciliation? How much farther you think we would be and how much easier our contributions to nation building would be? I love the PM, but hate his modus operandi. I love the sinner, but hate the sins. That is all I am saying.
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Bichara Sahely Jermaine Sacky Lake, I agree the truth cannot be denied, but it can be repressed. That is the tragedy of it all, in that some people cannot stand the truth, and they would spend a lot of time, resources and energy to suppress and repress the truth, when the money could have been better used for other uplifting and constructive activities.
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Kenrick Georges But how did you not know the facts about your platform and their advocating of violence? Or were you hiding from those facts?
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Lenny Lloyd “bad since ah born…I incite already I cud incite again…” Really Brother Kenrick – Who is really advocating violence? Fact or Fiction?
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Jermaine Sacky Lake Kenrick seems stuck singing a fairy tale.
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Kenrick Georges And that gives your platform the right to reference bombing, one of your supporters wrote “Lets clean the guns,” and so on…even threats to investments closed under this administration.
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Kenrick Georges Lake, which one id that?
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Bichara Sahely Kenrick Georges. Of course, I heard what they said, but you have to take what they say in the context of how and when it was said. Even more troubling, is when the incumbents make the same statements and even worse, and they are given a free pass. And when things are said with intimations of violence being interpreted, then these politicians should be reprimanded and given an opportunity to clarify what they say. Why would you want to be judge, jury and executioner without giving them an opportunity to account for their words.
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Jermaine Sacky Lake Dude, you seem hung up on distorted statements. We are going through the throes of a bankruptcy, serious and large-scale corruption, mismanagement and a divided country. The opposition has neither advocated nor taken party in any violence. Focus on facts brother.
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Kenrick Georges And I am not. I make judgements for what it is worth for me. We are all doing the same. I just can’t accept what is right for you.
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Kenrick Georges @Lake…sure, an alternate universe.
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Jermaine Sacky Lake Why not post the facts and discuss them. Fact, in 2011 we declared bankruptcy. Fact, large contracts in the millions are being given out with NO BID contracts. Fact, large numbers of persons are being registered where they do not live. Fact, large swaths of land are being sold to foreigners without access to locals first. Fact, large numbers of opposition supporters are being victimized.
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2 thoughts on “Facebook Comments and Discussion on “In Place of Disunity and ‘Dissing’ UNITY

  1. Mr. Sacky lake, You must be living on another planet and not in St. Kitts. Why are you so dishonest? Name one, only one opposition member who you know has been victimized? What moral authority do you have to be speaking about victimization? Let Timothy Harris and my self speak to that subject, because we were sacked from Social Security on the same day. What about Terry Adams’ mother who was also sacked? Point you a finger at any one who was sacked under the Denzil Douglas administration. I challenge you to produce the evidence. Jack Tar was destroyed by fire. It was a Government property. It was insured by the Government with Tax Payers money. The insurance money should have come to the insurer. Instead, the insurance money went to the person who bought the burnt down building. You want your old colleagues to look like Sunday School teachers when they were devils. This is who Sam and Tim have gone and joined forces with. If you so really love St. Kitts, why are you trying to blacken its image and its reputation?, If, and God forbid the unity mirage was to get into power, what would you tell people about it? PAM was in power for 15 years. I used to visit hotels to massage tourists. Could you see me, Kennedy Earle Clarke telling the tourists that St. Kittts, my borning land, St. Kitts, the land I love dearly, is a bad place and they must not come back? All those who support the unity mirage and are bad mouthing the country are traitors to it and you all will never get into power to destroy it, for you all possess no love for it. TRAITORS THATS WHAT THE BUNCH OF YOU ARE.Want to befriend a woman, yet saying the nastiest thing about her? TRAITORS AND HYPOCRITES. I know who I am, Do you know who you are Brother Sacky? I am a product of the working class and there is only one organization which has championed the cause of the working class and that is the Labour Movement. Brother Sacky, I know who I am . Who are you brother Sacky, PLEASE TO TELL ME?

    Earle Clarke.

  2. Earle Clarke here is one person who has been victimized, Janine Harris Lake, the registrar of the high court. Do you need more names? Also, how much does the roundabout outside the central bank cost? Is it one million or two? When are we no longer going to see illegal registration of persons on the voters list? When will we learn who is funding political campaigns, both opposition and government? Lastly when are those who rent properties from the government going to be made to pay what they owe?

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