“Bank Robbery: Why are banks allowed to create money?” by Ivo Mosley

Reproduced from: http://positivemoney.org/2017/06/bank-robbery-reform-1/ WRITTEN BY IVO MOSLEY (GUEST AUTHOR) ON JUNE 17, 2017. Imagine a world where huge amounts of money are created out of nothing for private profit and destroyed again once profit is taken, so that new money can be created again (and again, and again) – for private profit. Imagine a world where… Read More

Enlightening the Shadow Side of Banking – Monetization of Negotiable Debts by the Few as Instruments of Enslavement of the Many

http://www.lettersofnote.com/2012/10/people-simply-empty-out.html https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws?pid=29502 by Ivo Mosley http://www.cobdencentre.org/author/ivo-mosley/ Ivo Mosley studied Japanese for a first degree and Musical Theatre for an MA. He has written fiction, plays, and cultural criticism for many publications, both mainstream and fringe. He became interested in money creation while writing on the illusion of democracy, identifying money-creation by banks as the murkiest… Read More