The Costly Syrian Connections: Natural Gas Reserves, Pipelines and Geopolitics

There are circumstantial evidence from many independent sources to suggest that what we see unfolding in Syria right now is a geopolitical power struggle for control of natural gas reserves and control of pipeline routes which crisscross many sovereign countries in the region. So much “wasted” money has been “invested” in fake proxy and pretextual wars, which suggests, to me at least, that this “investment” is worth the lives lost and communities destroyed – given the profits that would be made.
This money could have been better invested in human development by upgrading crumbling infrastructure, provisioning of high-quality education, healthcare and other human life necessities. This would have served as a platform for peace, stability and unity, and would have allowed for significant returns on investments in the development of the creative capacities and innovative capabilities of the peoples of the world.
But this is not what we see unfolding in our midst, especially at this tipping point of climate destabilization by the non-renewable fossil fuel industrial complexes. This is the paradigmatic case of adding more climate insults to climate injuries, all in the name of profit maximization, despite the cost of lives and livelihoods lost.
In order to make sense of this geopolitical non-sense, I have reproduced several articles below to highlight the major players involved and the historical and geopolitical contexts and machinations evolving as we speak. A bigger picture is emerging and I will leave it to those discerning individuals who chose to study and understand to make sense of it all.
I am afraid that if we do not find the courage to do so, then we will end up being complicit in the their collective schemes and continue to act against our best common life-interests.
It is only by allowing sunlight to shine through and also by opening up more vistas for proper ventilation, that we will be able to get rid of the “infectious” bugs in our geopolitical systems.
I hope this would help catalyze an authentic International Truth and Reconciliation exercise among all peoples of the world and would help us to work together to help create a global community now truly free from the shackles of ignorance, want and unnecessary suffering.
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