The Great Decouplings – when life capital and goods are not front and center in our deliberations


In the previous blog article Taking stock of our life capital and life goods and their decouplings, I intimated that many of our life goods (social, cultural and vocational) are not being actualized to their fullest life-enabling capacities, and our gifts back to the biosphere in terms of our cultural and technological innovations have been for the most part life-disabling.

This is manifested most for me in the life-disabling stories in our religions, economics and politics, where the life-vocation and life-contributions of the female sex in our societies have been undervalued!

In the Abrahamic religions, we are taught that Eve was responsible for the downfall of Adam (our “original sin”) and by extension the whole of humanity, and that as a consequence of this, toil and pain and suffering are our due lot. As a result, the caring and stewardship of one half of species, who truth be told are our life-bearers and life-nurturers, are undervalued by the other half of the species. Furthermore, in our economics and politics, the home making, child raising, family building and community nurturing roles, along with other aspects of life maintenance and flourishing, are undervalued, and become “externalized” in all of our policy deliberations.

Instead of having a caring and life-based economy, in which individual, family and community care become “deep center” in all of our policies where all of our social, cultural and vocational goods become fully actualized and fully life-enabling, these goods have become transmogrified into social, cultural and vocational “bads” in serving the life-disabling, life-dislocating, and life-debasing policies of 1) putting profits above people and planet, and 2) capitalizing on the debasement, destruction and corruption of all of our life goods (inclusive of our atmospheric, environmental, home and bodily goods) to make more money.

Instead of women’s role in our defining narratives being one of upliftment of all of humanity instead of its downfall, we have created narratives that have perverted our way of thinking and that have encouraged us to have dominion over them and their roles and by extension the ultimate mother of them all, Mother Earth. For me, this is the greatest decoupling of all, the Primal Great Decoupling, when the partnership and life-enabling quality of relationship with women and Mother Earth were compromised and under life-valued.

(Please refer to the writings of Raine Eisner who, to the best of my knowledge, has made it her life’s work to expose this major decoupling and life-blind “sin” that we have committed, of which most of us know not what we have done or are doing.

The Chalice and the Blade: Our History, Our Future

Sacred Pleasure: Sex, Myth, and the Politics of the Body

The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics)


For me, the second great decoupling was our legal system. One would have assumed and hoped that its infrastructure would have been built on life-value and life-justice principles, but the reality is that this is farthest from the case. Instead of catalysing an environment that helps in keeping peace and harmony in our conflict resolution strategies and life-serving to maintain balance, it was invented and crafted not with the ultimate purpose of protecting life in all of its manifestations. Instead we have a system of rules and regulations that have done the complete opposite of what it was supposed to do – to ensure that all of our social, cultural and vocational institutions were life-enabling, life-empowering and life-partnering, so as to create a jurisprudence based on life-values and life-justice principles!

As a result, instead of our laws serving all of humanity and being a shield against life-unjust activities, it has become a weapon to be used by those with power against the rest of us, to protect those who have and to quarantine those who have-not. Our laws have now become tools for divisiveness instead of a tools for catalysing balance, harmony and unity. As a result, the practitioners of this field have aided and abetted and worked against the best life-interest of all of humanity, and truth be told, are responsible for the true downfall of all of humanity. Instead of helping to create a system of jurisprudence that celebrates the sanctity of all life, they have created a system that have sacrificed all that is worth fighting for on the altar of money-sequence multiplication and maximization, and ended up serving the vested interests of the few (the elite 1%) above all else, including everyone else.

In the next series of blog articles, I hope to expose the corrupting influence behind it all – the money multiplying sequencing. It has gone by many names. Interestingly, the metaphors that have been used to describe this corrupting influence has been given names that are used in biology and medicine, such as parasites, viruses and cancer, which we can readily recognize are all life-disabling agents!! At this point, this should not surprise us, as this invention of ours (not of nature), underguirds all of our life-transactions, and as you may have already surmised, was not developed with life-values and life-justice principles in mind. Having made the correct diagnosis, we would now be in a better position to formulate a treatment plan, that would now enable all of our narratives in any sphere of knowledge to embrace all the domains of life, and in effect, uplift all of humanity, instead of contributing to its further downfall, or should I say tumble.

A transition to the era of “the Great Recouplings” urgently beckons us and awaits our decisive actions!!

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