Don’t believe everything you were “programmed” to think


“Divorcing [our cognitive] map from [life’s] purpose inevitably leads to frustration. Too little of the right kind of detail [collective life capital based on partnership systems], or too much of the wrong kind [money-sequence multiplier based on domination systems], encumbers our ability to understand the world.”

― Modified from “A Crude Look at the Whole: The Science of Complex Systems in Business, Life, and Society

As of late, I have become very distraught by the happenings in the local, regional and international scenes as it pertains to the collective interactions with ourselves, each other and the environment. What I have found is that our cognitive maps have for a long time not been fit for constructive human interactions and our thrivings, and much that we have come to accept and believe is so maladaptive to the nurturance of our life supporting networks within, and across all domains of life processing. For me, this is a source of much frustration and I feel the urgency to get to the root of this aberration of thinking, as if we don’t get our life affairs in order sooner than later, I fear we will end up destroying or severely compromising the actualization of potentials of the next generation as their life supporting system in all spheres would be severely hamstrung.

If you have been following my recent posting, you would have realized my search has focused on the fundamental belief systems we all have been exposed to during our most formative years of development, and I am very much convinced now that our religious indoctrinations is the source of much of our present life problems and our cognitive inability to differentiate that which is life-enabling from that which is life-disabling in this present world.

Ground zero of this form of cognitive terrorism starts with the mythical founder of the three major faiths in the Western world, Abraham, who we at once recognize, was willing to readily murder his son, all in the name of blind allegiance to the God of his calling. It is interesting that ardent followers of the three Abrahamic faiths are ready and willing to also murder the other in ‘state’ sanctioned wars also in blind allegiance to God’s proxies, be they of Jewish, Christian or Muslim persuasions, all in the name of attempting to bring ‘peace’ here on earth.

The more and more I study the defining narratives of the Old and New Testament, the more and more I am convinced we have been “programmed” to block out the upliftment of humanity and all of nature and their life supporting systems. Instead of seeing the unity of it all in the diversity of all things, we have created social institutions and laws that have served to divide us among ourselves. We are told that the downfall of humanity was the fault of one woman, and that the saviour of the world is belief in the death and resurrection of one man. More damaging is the notion that all of us are born depraved and unworthy of life’s thriving, and that the secret to being made worthy again is that of believing that the suffering and death of one man, be it Moses, Jesus or Mohammed, was God’s plan to save us from our unworthiness. This form of mental enslavement and acceptance without further analysis paralyses us from accepting life-value as the ultimate measure of all of our dealings, as death and destruction of that which we hold so dear has become the primary axiom of progress then, and moreso now, as it continues to influence all of our thinking in the social, political and economic spheres.

It is within this mindset that all of our destructive activities, like slavery, apartheid, segregation and state-sponsored terrorism have become justified, and instead of our atonement being the saving grace of the integrity of our life-supporting systems, we are conditioned to accept that the saving grace lies in our technology and the money-sequence multiplier that undermines it all. No wonder we have come to accept greed as good, and the ‘wisdom’ of psychopaths! Everything that is good and holy has now been turned on its head, and as shown in the meme above, we are now ‘programmed’ to believe inter alia that war brings peace, drugs bring health, and debt brings wealth.  Even our philosophies and rational way of thinking are life-blind, which serves as major cognitive impairments to accepting that our thinking has already been corrupted beyond recognition and is in urgent need of being totally revamped. So what do we do now, and to where we must turn to erase this life-debasing maladaptive cognitive map and replace it with one which celebrates that unity of diversity and the uniqueness of our individual experiences, and the harmony of our collective actions?

Pastor Dr. Ray Hagins has opened up my mind’s eye to see that our defining narratives in the Old and New Testament were actually stolen, plagiarized and reformulated from ancient Africa/Egypt and repackaged under a different ethinicity, where what was right and just and holy then, was desecrated in their reformulations, where now violence, divisions, destruction and death have become now wholy sanctified.

I gather this was done to forge a new identity for a ‘chosen people’ back then, and the implications of this form of falsehood has even reverberated down to this very day to being a major geopolitical thorn for all the world’s people today. Unless we identify our maladaptive mindsets as the root cause of all the causes of all that is wrong in this world as they perpetuate life-disabling narratives and justifies the subjugation of one group of people over the other, one sex over the other, one aspect of nature over the other, we will always be at war with each other, drugged up and in perpetual enslavement to the keepers and masters of these death-enabling narratives.

What we need now more that ever before is to exorcise these life-debasing mindsets from our religions and rational schools of thoughts, and replace them with more wholesome, uplifting and life-enabling narratives. Bob Marley, the prophet of our time, guides us in his song, ‘Tomorrow People’:

If you don’t know your past, you don’t know your future


Don’t know your past, don’t know your future everyman

Don’t know your past, don’t know your future, come on

Don’t know your past, don’t know your future

How many nations

How many people did that one catch

How many nations did that one catch

Don’t know past, don’t know your future

Don’t know past, don’t know your future”

We need to go back and understand our past, where we as a people came from, to know where we need to go. Believe it or not, all of us are of African-descent, and a better understanding of the consciousness and spirituality of our ancestors in Africa and their defining narratives, I am sure will help guide us back and help us to reprogram our mindsets, so that finally, we can all get along with each other, once and for all, for one and all, and put an end to this form of mental psychosis or insanity that we have found ourselves in today.

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One thought on “Don’t believe everything you were “programmed” to think

  1. I agree with all you wrote about the religious ideology and what it has caused in our world.
    In addition to understanding the religious/spiritual causality, I would suggest learning science, and in particular neuroscience. It helped me understand the falseness and the reality of nature which seem to me the only to way for ‘happiness’ and a peaceful world within modern society and culture, by looking at reality as it is.

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