Watch “Dr. John McMurtry: The Moral DNA of the Cancer Stage of Capitalism” on YouTube

Published on Oct 12, 2016

Dr. John McMurtry decodes the Ruling Value Mechanism of the cancer system – right down to exact principles determining its choices and decisions: The Moral DNA of the Cancer Stage of Capitalism.

“27 Earths needed by 2050 in a ‘business-as-usual’ scenario:”…

“My life’s work has been to decode this globally life-invading value-system.

The underlying value code driving every degenerate trend is never defined. It is, rather, assumed without question or examination.

Behind all the self-referential hocus-pocus incapable of predicting its predictable disasters, a ruling value code crystallized to drive the world to ruin with no-one knowing why. This moral DNA of globalization regulates beneath consciousness by four absolute equations assumed in every moment of what is now still masked as ‘the neo-liberal turn’.

The social and natural life-bases by which the human species evolves are reversed and overrun. And yet not even ‘the opposition’ defines what ultimately counts: humanity’s universal life necessities themselves – that’s where we’ve got to start our ground; and yet you don’t even find such a concept – I had to originate the concept.”

The Ten-Point Global Paradigm Revolution – by Dr. John McMurtry…

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John McMurtry: Life Capital vs. Money Capital

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