A New Politics of Hope | Michael Sandel | RSA Replay

Published on Dec 13, 2018

Decades of increasing inequality, globalisation, technological change, unfettered markets and technocratic politics have given rise to ever more polarisation and populist sentiment. How do we gain a better, wiser politics in the context of these 21st century challenges? Can the progressive parties reconcile the concerns of the disenfranchised and angry without succumbing to xenophobia and anti-outsider sentiment?  What are the new ideas and solutions that will help us? Renowned political philosopher Michael Sandel delivers an exclusive address on the future of democracy and our place within it.

One thought on “A New Politics of Hope | Michael Sandel | RSA Replay

  1. The so called failure of a merit driven society also contains a degree of coincidence, since it has always presented itself as an open opportunity to everyone.
    What intertwined it was the degree of globalization (reading as national competition/ not as an expanding marketplace as neo liberal politicians believed it was; their social education lacks all realism) and technogical advance, which was very often surprising because it dit not include more opportunity/ but less.

    So the disappointed are not so much the victims of a merit society/ but mostly of evolution.
    What it needs is a reopening of opportunity by no longer just parallel it to a money driven material economy/ because that is no more relevant anyway.
    What you need is UBI connected to experimental jobs, which do not demand direct returns, as the current market system efficiency suggests. Which is not that relevant and by the way has always been a natural physical misinterpretation of reality.

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