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Chaos: A Mathematical Adventure

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From Jos LeysÉtienne Ghys and Aurélien Alvarez, the makers of Dimensions, comes CHAOS, a math movie with nine 13-minute chapters. It is a film about dynamical systems, the butterfly effect and chaos theory, intended for a wide audience. CHAOS is available in a large choice of languages and subtitles.

Dimensions: A walk through mathematics!

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A film for a wide audience!

Nine chapters, two hours of maths, that take you gradually up to the fourth dimension. Mathematical vertigo guaranteed! Background information on every chapter: see “Details“.

This film is being distributed under a Creative Commons license. More details on the download page.

Now with even more languages for the commentary and subtitles:

Commentary in Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Russian.

Subtitles in Arabic, Bosnian, Dutch, Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Roumanian,  Serbian (Cyrillic and Latin), Slovenian, Spanish, Russian and Turkish.

Film produced by:
Jos Leys (Graphics and animations)
Étienne Ghys (Scenario and mathematics)
Aurélien Alvarez (Realisation and post-production).

One thought on “Watch “Chaos: A Mathematical Adventure” & “Dimensions: A walk through mathematics!” on YouTube |

  1. Dynamics never is chaos because every parameter is related to another. There always is balance.
    It is possible when no other dominator is present, the.model ends in a highest degree of coincidence within the first dominator. This is complexity, or randomness/ not chaos.

    It is impossible a fragment of randomness could influence a dominator backwards. Unless it is related to a balance tilt momentum involving many other parallel fragments evolving in the same direction. Like the last drop overflowing the bucket. It is impossible the first drop can overflow a bucket.
    Therefore the butterlfy theory is utter nonsense.
    It is impossible a butterfly not related to temperature or humidity could cause a tornado in another part of the world, nor anywere else.
    The theory itself represents chaos, by proposing an impossibillity as if it was true.
    It causes chaos/ does not explain it. Which is hard since it does not exist in the first place. It is the display of inverted intelligence ending up in the most stupid prediction of non existing natural laws.

    Next, although a lot less stupid: the orbit of a planet has nothing to do with velocity in relation to gravity.
    Let alone nobody ever explained what gravity is.

    The planets have emerged from the sun and have not been coincidetally passing by rocks in space caught in the gravity of the sun causing their trajectory.
    Their orbit is the (logarithmic) differential between circular shared space/ and its square momentum creating a satelite equation, similar to that of an electron.
    The planet ‘stands’ in its orbit and after that incorperates gravity and speed. As effect/ not as cause.

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