BIOLOGY OF LOVE By Humberto Maturana Romesin and Gerda Verden-Zoller (1996)

We human beings are love dependent animals. This is apparent in that we become ill when we are deprived of love at whatever age. No doubt we live a culture in which we are frequently in war and kill each other on different rational grounds that justify our mutual total denial as human beings. But doing that does not bring to us happiness, or spiritual comfort and harmony. Love and aggression – are they polar features of our biology or, of our cultural human existence? Are we genetically aggressive animals that love occasionally, or are we loving animals that cultivate aggression culturally? Our purpose in this article is to maintain that we are loving animals that cultivate aggression in a cultural alienation that may eventually change our biology. To this end we shall speak about the following themes in short but basic statements:

A) the systemic constitution and conservation of human identity;

B) the origin and development of the self in the mother/child relations;

C) the evolutionary origin of humanness in the conservation of neoteny and the expansion of the female sexuality;

D) the biology of love.

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