Understanding War – A Philosophical Inquiry | John McMurtry | Science for Peace (1989)

‘This text challenges conventional ideas of ”defense and security” and provides a springboard for alternative thought and action on war. It is a reflective, crystalline critique of the military paradigm, but perhaps more importantly, reveals a new and cooperative way of understanding war.’

– Dr. Allan Connolly, Canadian Physicians
for the Prevention of Nuclear War (CPPNW)


‘I think this work is brilliant.’

– Dr. Alex Michalos, author of The North
American Social Report


‘A brilliant, ground-breaking investigation of the deep structure of war-making and the war-making mentality so central to our culture.’

– G. A. Cohen, Chichele Professor of Social and
Political Theory, All Souls College, Oxford

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Johan Galtung: The Doctrine Of Just War: Just that, war! (Or more war than just).

Reproduced from: https://www.transcend.org/galtung/papers/The%20Doctrine%20Of%20Just%20War.pdf THE DOCTRINE OF JUST WAR: JUST THAT, WAR! (OR MORE WAR THAN JUST) By Johan Galtung, Peace and Conflict Studies, Univ. of Queensland There is no scarcity of literature in this field, much of it permutations around the basic core of “I am of course against war, but – -“. So let it… Read More