Why is Venezuela in Dire Straits? | Scott T. Patrick

Reproduced from: https://twitter.com/PompeiiDog/status/1091747927016513537

Scott T. Patrick

PhD in political science. Aspiring academic. Interested in Marxism, global political economy, social revolutions, and Western imperialism.

Washington, DC

I’m going to do thread on Venezuela’s economic history to try and dispel some of the myths going around that the present crisis is due to socialism. Actually, colonialism, US imperialism, and neoliberalism are far more important factors for why Venezuela is in dire straits.

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“Why Socialism?” by Albert Einstein from Monthly Review (May 1949)

Reproduced from: https://monthlyreview.org/2009/05/01/why-socialism/ Why Socialism? Albert Einstein Albert Einstein is the world-famous physicist. This article was originally published in the first issue of Monthly Review (May 1949). It was subsequently published in May 1998 to commemorate the first issue of MR‘s fiftieth year. —The Editors Is it advisable for one who is not an expert on… Read More